Unadvanceable: This fighter cannot gain XP and cannot gain Advancements.
Animal: This fighter cannot use gear, open doors, operate devices, or use ladders. This fighter cannot climb. This fighter can step up, leap, and go over obstacles. This fighter can use Cool instead of Intelligence when taking the Detect (Basic) action. This fighter cannot be captured.
No Permanent Injury: If this fighter is put Out of Action via an Injury roll, roll a D6 on the following chart:
  • 1-3: the fighter is deactivated (Out Cold); they will be available for their next battle.
  • 4-5: the fighter is badly damaged and requires repair (Grievous Injury); they go into Recovery.
  • 6: the fighter is wrecked beyond repair (Killed); if they were put Out of Action by an attack the attacker gains 1 XP immediately.
Iron Jaw: If this fighter would be taken Out of Action by a close combat attack with an Out Cold result, they may roll a D6 and add their current modified Toughness to the result; on a 8+ this fighter instead suffers a Flesh Wound and remains in play. Additionally, this fighter has +1 Toughness vs unarmed attacks.
Iron Jaw: +1 Toughness vs unarmed attacks, and if would be Out Cold via close combat stay in play on 7+ roll of (D6 + modified T).

Choose 1: A single skill may be selected from the list below when a Cybermastiff is added to a roster, and cannot be changed thereafter.

Berserker: When this fighter could make a Charge action they may instead pick a non Seriously Injured enemy fighter within their vision arc and line of sight as their target and make the following action:
Berserk Charge (Double): The fighter attempts to move into base contact with their target. The maximum distance the fighter may move as part of this action is double their current Movement characteristic. The fighter must take as direct of a route as they can to their target, but can favor a route that does not require Initiative checks over one that does. The fighter automatically succeeds on any required Cool or Willpower checks that occur while resolving this action (if the target has the Fearsome skill, for instance).
If the fighter failed to move into base contact with their target, they must end their movement at least 1'' away from all enemy fighters. If the fighter does Engage their target they may make a free Fight (Basic) action against them. If they do, in the Determine Attack Dice step of the close combat sequence the fighter gains two additional Attack dice for Charging (instead of one).
Berserker: Pick target w/i vision arc for Charge to Double Move & auto-pass any Cool, or Willpower tests to complete Charge. +1 extra Charging Attack dice on success.
Fearsome: If an enemy attempts to Engage this fighter, they must make a Willpower check. If the check is failed they stop 1'' away from this fighter, cannot Engage, and their action ends immediately.
Impetuous: Once per round during their activation, when this fighter could Consolidate at the end of a close combat they may instead make a free Charge action.
Nerves of Steel: When this fighter is hit by a ranged attack they may choose to make a Cool check. If they do and the check is passed, this fighter is not Pinned.
Nerves of Steel: When hit by Ranged attack: Can make Cool check to not be Pinned.
Robust: When this fighter makes a Recovery Test for themselves it is resolved as if they are being assisted, and they may reroll a single Out of Action dice result. Additionally if this fighter is Pinned at the end of the End Phase, they may immediately stand up.
Springing Charge: This fighter may declare a Charge action while Pinned; this fighter may take a free Stand Up action at the beginning of their activation when they use this option.
Armored: 4+ save (included in profile)
Vicious Bite: One wounding unarmed attack made by this fighter per close combat exchange they participate in may inflict a Flesh Wound in addition to 1 Damage.