Fortress or Enforcer?
By P. F. Dunnsworth
Superfad Weekly Journal! Jan 30, 2004


Rook, the Human Fortress

Artists Rendition
DEARBORNE, MILLENNIUM CITY -- Is the popular hero known as "ROOK", sometime member of the Millennium City supergroup known as the Millennial Men and well known as a "defender" of the people of Dearborne, located to the south of MC, really Sean Sullivan a.k.a. "Rookie Sullivan" a.k.a "The Butcher of Brooklyn", late of New York City and suspected in a string of gang and mafia related killings?

An anonymous source who risked death at the hands of the mob to make sure that this tip reached us here at the Journal indicates he is. "Yeah, thats him. Old Rory Sullivan's kid. He killed em all, every body he could get to. Had the Scappelli's running scared for a month; the ones that skipped town for awhile lived, those that didn't died. He must of killed more than 40 people in one night alone. They killed his old man and his brother and he snapped. Vendetta. The Scappelli's tried to wax him, but he's fricking indestructible or something. The Scappellis finally made a deal with the Micks and they put Sullivan on a leash."

If this proves true, do we have a dangerous killer in our midst? A merciless slayer with a death toll that reputedly already exceeds what may be over 70 suspected slayings? And here is the nefarious thought: he might be the perfect killer.

Here's what Lt. Erdon of the NYPD had to say about the so-called Tolintine Massacre, where suspected Mob underboss Vinnie Tolintine and 37 other suspected and in many cases previously convicted mobsters were slain in a warehouse in the lower east side of NYC last year.

"The victims were each slain by a variation of intense pressure or blunt impact trauma, or both. Causes of death all indicate the assailant or assailants was capable of generating extreme force. Several of the victims bodies were jammed through the wall in places and into aperatures such as heating ducts, and in addition other victims were left lodged in various places in the rafters of the warehouse as much as 25 feet above the ground. We suspect that the assailant or assailants were professional killers for there are no witnesses, and no physical evidence that might indicate the assailant whatsoever has thus far been recovered.

Almost all of the victims were armed and discharged their firearms; several hundred rounds of ammunition from small, semi, and some full automatic weapons have been found and all have been matched up with firearms found on the victims, yet we found no blood that is not also traceable to the victims. Several of the victims bodies bear defensive wounds and signs of a physical struggle, but we have not been able to recover any blood, fabric, hair, or tissue samples that can be traced to the assailant or assailants.

The lack of evidence and method of killing is similar to those found in updwards of 35 other mob-related deaths over the past 4 years. Due to the lack of physical evidence or witnesses, this case has been filed as unclosed but not active, and the NYPD will no longer be investigating the case unless further information becomes available.", Lt. Erdon said via phone in response to our inquiry, reading parts of it verbatim from the case file.

Could the force-field-clad Rook, media darling and popular member of Millennium City's Millennium Men really be the perfectly equipped killer; does his force-field in effect protect him from forensic science as well as bullets and laser eye beams? We already know that his force-field prevents clear photographs of him from being taken; though there is no distortion to the naked eye from it, photographs of him experience strange over and under exposure problems and are hazy at best.

Obviously the possibility of having a killer, indeed a veritable mass murderer among us, is worthy of further investigation, but this reporter encountered stiff resistance from all fronts when trying to chase down the truth about the so-called hero known as Rook. PRIMUS refused to give any information other than he is Registered and in good standing with the practices required by the Registration Act. MCPD was decidedly uninterested in an unsolved case from NYC. Even the people of the neighborhood Rook reputedly lives in were unresponsive to the line of questioning.

All that I was able to uncover that was not already known is that Rook apparantly has some connection to the Catholic Church and has gone on at least one Missionary journey to Africa since he has been in Millenium City. The day after this reporter began questioning his neighbors, Rook apparantly went on a rather sudden vacation from his job at the Dearborne Home Depot, where it was revealed he worked almost two months ago by a sharp-eyed civilian who soon posted the scoop on several of the cape-chasing websites. "Rook had to take off because too many fan boys were coming around pushing autograph pads at him. It was disruptive to business and I had to ask him to take an unpaid leave until people get over it and stop coming around.", was the official line from Mike McFadden, the Home Depot General Manger.

Despite these initial setbacks, rest assured if any news staff is up to the challenge of determining whether Rook is indeed the "The Butcher of Brooklyn", it's the Journal! Unsovled case or not, we will get to the bottom of this, and you heard it here first!