One hurt in Millennium City club brawl

By Shellby Halloran, Millennium City Weekly
Week of Novemner 15, 2004

One man was hospitalized early yesterday morning after suffering injuries when a brawl broke out at D-Jay's Night Club on Cremeans Avenue.

Police responded to an assault and battery call just after 1:30 a.m. to find that a nightclub employee, 24, had been severely beaten. Extensive property damage was also reported.

The name of the victim has not been released.

Millenium City Lt. Mike Annese said that when police arrived, the chaotic brawl had ended, and the club had been cleared. While club-owners have declined to comment, club-goers and staff reported seeing at least four meta-humans on the scene, two of whom have been tentatively identified as ex-Silver Avenger John Wrath and Millennium City's butch bad-boy Rook, the Human Fortress. Mixed reports included references to a meta-human in full costume who displayed extraordinary speed, and an additional meta-human who appeared to glow brightly. Reports of a club-patron having been assaulted by one or more meta-humans are as of yet unconfirmed.

Annese said they have "reason to believe that the employee's multiple bruises and contusions may have been self inflicted."

The victim was taken to Mercy Hospital for observation.