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Dark Champions Ultimate Vehicle Vehicle Sourcebook Gadgets And Gear
Stock #: DOJHERO104
ISBN: 1-58366-009-7
236 pages, Trade Paperback, Perfect Bound
Author: Bob Greenwade and Steve Long
Artists: Nate Barnes(cover), various (interior)
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Vehicles play a major role in many MetaCyber campaigns. GM's can always write up a futuristic vehicle themselves, but might as well save a little time and "borrow" from the resources available.
In addition to having a lot of content at the beginning offering various options that a GM can certainly make use of if designing their own vehilces, there are also a number of vehicle write ups that can be used as is or modified to suit a MetaCyber campaign. Below I make some effort to note the most easily used with little or no modification.
  • Supercar (p46): usable as is, or easily customized.
  • Tractor Trailer Truck (p47): this write up can provide a starting point for any number of large vehicles.
  • Armored Car (p48): good start for a Runner van.
  • M2 Bradley (p50): good basis for an urban assault vehicle.
  • Hovercraft (p52): Hover technology is the cutting edge of automotives in MetaCyber; but their most common form is the small sedans and coupes called SkyCars. This writeup is a good basis for a large Hover vehicle however.
  • Cybertank (p53): this writeup is a good representation of a cutting edge military vehicle. Very few exist and its unlikely that PCs would ever encounter one, but they are out there.
  • Lockheed F-117A Nighthawk Stealth Fighter (p78): this write up can be used to represent low quality fighters jets. What is cutting edge today is behind the times in the MetaCyber setting.
  • AH-64 Apache Longbow Attack Helicopter (p79): this write up can represent low to mid range attack helicopters.
  • Superjet (p82): usable as is, or easily customized.
Space exploration hasn't moved very far since the 60's; in the MegaCorps dominated world of MetaCyber space technology is only pursued when it is immediately profitable. Thus it is pretty easy for MegaCorps that want to to get a sattellite launched, but other than that no one has put the money into it.
Mecha are a little too advanced for the MetaCyber campaign.
Most of the higher tech options provided are well suited to MetaCyber campaigns. Energy weapons are not very common, but they do exist (usually with the generic SFX of "PULSON").
Since many Cybernetics are bought Restrainable by EMP or equivalent effects, weapons with a EMP SFX can have a much more significant effect than in some other genres. The write up provided for the Anti-Sensor EMP Generator (p125) can be used as the basis for smaller scale devices, but allowing a 9 mile radius EMP pulse would have devastating consequences in most MetaCyber campaigns -- that level of EMP Generation should be extremely rare and insanely expensive.
As a campaign groundrule, there is a special Advantage that must be applied to all EMP based abilities:
EMP: +1 Advantage: Powers with this Advantage produce Electro-Magnetic energy which disrupts or damages many forms of Cybernetics and advanced electronics.
Force technology is on the current bleeding edge for the MetaCyber setting. Such devices exist, but they are rare, experimental, and not cost efficient as yet. If using the Force Shield devices (p138) in play then always use the "Weak" versions of the devices specified. Such devices count as Advanced Military Equipment (and thus require a 10 point Talent in addition to enough Resource Points to afford the item).
With the advent of metahumans, research into Psi effects exists but is definitely a fringe science. However, such research has been able to produce a technology capable of interfering with Psi powers; the Weak and Standard Psychic Screens (p142) are appropriate for MetaCyber campaigns.
Full blown invisibility such as the Cloaking Device is beyond the tech available in the MetaCyber setting, but the Stealth Hull devices (p145) are perfectly appropriate.
Hologram technology, or "Tri-Vid" as it is called, exists and is in wide use as the standard form of image display technology in the MetaCyber setting, but it is limited to affecting the Sight and Hearing Groups only. The success of the NET has lead to this technology not being developed past that.
Teleport technology does not exist in the MetaCyber setting, though some metahumans have been demonstrated to have such abilities and study of such might lead to breakthroughs into the field.
All of the devices in this section are potentially usable in a MetaCyber setting. Of particular use are the Computers (p161) which can be very handy in practically any vehicle. Nothing screams scifi more than a car that talks to you after all.
Runners that specialize in vehicles, usually called Drivers, might have a custom Computer with various useful skills built in that they take from vehicle to vehicle to make their job easier. Not every vehicle will have all the features their Computer is programmed to use, but its better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.
This chapter is assumed to be in use in MetaCyber campaigns using vehicles, including the Vehicle Hit Location charts.