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Following is a list of some notable MegaCorps and large companies, with some notes where applicable. Most are based loosely on real-world companies, which should be fairly transparant, and a GM can easily expand the list via the same method.
It can be assumed that a given MegaCorps has offices or at least representation in a given city if it is convenient to the GM's plotline.
Corporation Acronym/
BioCorps "Big C", "Bio-Corpse", "B-Core" Genetics research, pharmaceuticals, medical research, bio-tech, cyber-tech
BioCorps invented the original processes that led to Tubers.
Also rumored to be researching how to make metahumans. There have also been some really extreme rumors that BioCorps is actually responsible for the existance metas.
Often accused of unethical practices; major employer of Runners (covertly).
Synthe-tek   Wholly owned subsidiary of BioCorps
R&D firm doing advanced research on making Androids.
ChemLife   Wholly owned subsidiary of BioCorps
One of the world market leaders of PharmiTech.
Genentek   Wholly owned subsidiary of BioCorps
Among other things, the world leader in Tuber oriented technology.
Zionetix "Zio" Genetics research, pharmaceuticals, medical research, bio-tech, cyber-tech
Israeli based, but with offices world wide.
NetSense   The world leader in NET Terminal technology.
D'Arkoni Computational Devices DCD Computers, most notably killer portables.
MiniWare MW Personal Computing giant
Founded by Bob Doors six decades ago, MW grew to dominate the personal computing market through some of the most ruthless business tactics ever employed. Few companies want to cross MW openly, but the are a common target for Runs. Unfortunately their SecForces are some of the best in the world.
CompuMetrix CM, "the Met" Database Technology, Information Security, System Security, Demographics Data
Prime hacker target, and also the maker of some of the deadliest InfoSec around.
Multinational Business Technology MBT, "Big Red" Computer pioneer, has morphed into more of a mainframe and business services provider to other large companies in the past decade.
Sol Macrosystems   Mainframes and OS's that run on them
Yukio "Key-oh", "Yak-shack" Japanese MegaCorps; Automotives and Consumer Electronics
Its an open secret that Yukio is a Yakuza owned and operated company. Very dangerous to cross, and mercilously underhanded/inethical.
Anders-Gaines AG; "Agg" Huge Financial Services company
The Agg has almost no actual holdings or physical assets, being an advanced info-tech based brokerage and investment firm. It is said that when the Agg sneezes markets across the globe catch a cold.
D.B. Rivers   Financial Services company
Pheonix Pharmaceuticals Ph2 Pharmaceuticals
Founded by that rarest of things, a salaryman that split from a MegaCorps and managed to survive to become a strong corporation. Among other things, makers of cutting edge designer drugs and performance enhancers, most notably "Acceleron".
Absi-Cola AC Nominally a breverage company, but owns a staggering array of companies in many unrelated business divisions
Koku-Cola Koku Similar to Absi-Cola, breverage company with a diverse holding of lesser companies.
Tetra Motors   Automotives
Allied Autos "Double-A" Automotives
All Terain Vehicles ATV Off-road Automotives
Macro-V Multimedia "Flying Vee" Multimedia and entertainment conglomerate
Mobiloba   Mobile electronics, particularly communication based
Pipanas Sports   Sports Equipment, Apparel, and owns numerous professional teams
Jones & Strat   Weapons and Armaments
Largest gun maker on the NorAm continent.
Gallo   Weapons and Armaments
A traditional favorite arms maker. It is said that God may have made all men, but Dan Gallo made them equal.
Norn-Tek   Weapons and Armaments
Particularly military grade hardware; a Runner favored brand.
Corelli   Weapons and Armaments
European brand, specializing in pistols
Fuchi-karawa   Weapons and Armaments, Cybernetics
Yoshiro "Yosh-Eye" High end Cybernetics
Particularly well known for cybereyes and brain implants; its commonly held that they are the market leaders in that field.
Shiba   Top end electronics of any form
Invovled in a constant covert war with Yukio, and to a lesser extent Yamamoto
Yamamoto   Consumer Electronics and Automotives
The companys Electronics branches have taken a beating in recent years, but their "Cogno" luxury car brand has been extremely successful and keeps them afloat.
Norwynd "Big N" Huge Telecom megacorps. Among other things, owns Northern Broadcasting Incoporated (NBI)
Nile Leisure   Online Books and Entertainment
Not really a MegaCorps, but a privately owned business managing to be semi-successful in a cut throat world. The frequently have to defend themselves vs attempts at corporate takeover and can't afford a full blown SecForce, so they make heavy use of Runners in more of an aggressive defense strategy.
Royale Air   Aeronautical Corporation
Veer Jets   Aeronautical Corporation
Amiable Air   Airline
SST Air   Luxury Airline with 100% Supersonic planes
Red Legion Security Services "the Legion" The largest and most powerful Security Forces company in the world, bar none.
Actually a privatized Army, Red Legion contracts it services all over the globe. While the Legion is an above board company and doesn't contract services for Runs, many Runners get their start as a Legionaire and conversely particularly good and well disciplined Runners might also be recruited into advanced billets in the Legion.