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Imagine a grim, grimey, corrupted society where materialism, greed, and technophilia infest almost every aspect of existance. A world where justice is decided by who has the deeper pocket, where its every man woman and child for themselves. A world ruled by rich megacorporations that make their decisions around their bottom line and the fluctuating prices of stock rather than human interest. A kind of controlled Anarchy, where might is right and strength is found in numbers and money.
But even still there are rules of a sort. The horned dilemna sets in.
When multiple powerbases have acheived a degree of parity a certain unwillingness or inability to move against each other arises. For if one powerbase expends resources attacking an opponent they might weaken themselves to attack from one or more other opponents. If alliances have been made, the aggressor might find themselves facing foes from unexpected quarters. If a powerbase gets a reputation for strongarm tactics, other possible allies or neutral parties in new markets might unify against them.
Overt attacks become the exception in such an environment, and where the overt must be avoided, the covert rises to the fore.
Luckily corporate spies, mercenaries, thugs, and organized crime are all willing to do unpleasant things on the low down for some amount of money. Collectively the practice of corportations and other power brokers hiring outside help to do things with a degree of deniability has become known as "Running", and those who do these things are called "Runners".
It's quite the cottage industry, with a slew of other opportunities arising for those able to cater to the needs of a sector of society that usually has expendible income and needs things not easily attainable such as weapons, modified vehicles, special equipment, unofficial GSW treatment, and other such amenities. Further, for added deniability, a strata of obfuscating middlemen have arisen, who are generally called "Fixers" to enhance the anonymity of those paying good money for bad deeds.
In the cut throat competitive world of Runners, anything that can grant an edge is intrinsically valuable, whether it be more prosaic alternatives such as martial arts, honed marksmanship, and special skills, or something more outre. In true Darwinian fashion the most capable,discriminating, and luckiest Runners survive while others fail.
Now inject working cybernetics, and further rare people that are born with "metahuman" powers such as the ability to fly, superstrength, and even the ability to shoot blasts of energy into the mix. Season to flavor, blend to creamy smoothness, and drink it through a straw.
That's the taste of the MetaCyber setting. Welcome to it.