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Starting Races Professions
Races: Origins
The MetaCyber setting is all about humans; there are no other sentient races. Instead of Races, MetaCyber uses the concept of Origins which each have special starting benefits or access to different abilities.
AMPERS compete by using technology to make themselves better.
Ampers are characters that make heavy use of the various types of BodyTech available in the MetaCyber setting; the primary benefit to starting as an Amper involves special discounts and exemptions from the monetary costs of the enhancements they start play with. Since BodyTech costs a lot of money to get and also involves potentially lengthy bouts of down time to have installed after play starts, this Origin represents the easiest way for Players that want to play a heavily amped character to do so.
All other Origins can also start with BodyTech if they want, but they have to pay the full monetary cost for their BodyTech from their starting funds.
ADEPTS compete by having the right skill or tool for the job.
Adepts are characters that rely on Skills and / or Gear. Their special benefit is two fold; they start with larger Resource Pools than other Origins and are able to adjust their starting Resource Pools to suit the Player's concept. In addition to this benefit, Adepts are allowed to have one (1) Super Skill per 75 character points, allowing them to remain competitive with other Origins via "exceptional skill".
TUBERS compete by applying their natural advantages to the situation at hand.
Tubers are characters that are genetically enhanced. Each Tuber has a personalized random Package with between three (3) and ten (10) special abilities that cost ten (10) points each. Tubers can be extremely advantaged, but have correspondingly fewer points to spend on other abilities. Tubers can also have one (1) Super Skill per 150 character points, allowing them to specialize in something but not to outshine Adepts in the area of Skills.
METAS compete by using their unique metabilities creatively.
Metas are characters that are born with strange, often unique, metabilities that allow them to do things that are essentially superhuman. Most Metas are either psionically active or have altered physiologies that grant them various abilities. Metas are the only Origin allowed to buy Powers without the SFX of "Super Skill" or "BodyTech", and can do things that are otherwise impossible for other characters such as teleport, fly, emit energy, etc dependent upon the nature of their particular metabilities.
Default Origin Assumptions
Amper Adept Tuber Meta
However, a GM with a preference for mixed races could easily decide that humanity had made contact with extra terrestrial species in the past and have some degree of acceptance for aliens residing on or visiting Earth without damaging the overall idea of the setting so long as care was taken to keep any special abilities and / or technology possessed by the aliens from overshadowing Cybernetics and metahuman Powers.
Exercising this option slants the setting more towards Star HERO than Dark Champions, though it is possible to stay true to the Dark Champion ideal even with aliens. Movies / TV shows such as Predator, We Come In Peace, V, Alien Nation, They Live! and similar shows are examples of grittier action / adventure slanted alien fare.
Androids and / or synthoids would also be a viable addition to the setting without too much issue; again so long as care were taken that they weren't so advantaged as to overshadow Cybernetics and metahumans.
Some GM's might like the idea of Artificial Intelligences, which is a common feature of some Cyberpunk fiction. However it has been my experience that this rarely works well in practice in a roleplaying game. GM's that want to add such an aspect to a MetaCyber campaign are advised to tread carefully.
Similarly a GM could include the idea of "Genesplicing" human and animal DNA to make Splicers; people with animalistic traits. Again so long as care were taken that they weren't so advantaged as to overshadow Cybernetics and metahumans there is nothing intrinsically wrong with this (personally, I'm not a fan of "furries", but tastes differ).
 The Tuber Origin is a good parrallel for Altered Humans in general; the idea of a Package Deal that is not alterable by the Player, and their general power level can serve as a model for other types of Altered Humans.