Paradigm Supplements Technology
NPCs PacFed Setting Updates
This section discusses various things of interest to a GM planning on running a MetaCyber campaign. Some of the information is also of general usage for cyberpunk oriented campaigns.
PARADIGM: This is essentially the Campaign Tone and Power Level document. It is highly recommended that the GM read this, and more involved Players could get something out of it as well. A number of "Keynotes" highlighting elements that are particularly important to a MetaCyber campaign, a general Power Level chart showing the relative status of characters by character points, and an Assumptions chart showing what options are assumed to be in use in a MetaCyber campaign such as Hit Locations, whether points must be paid for Equipment, and so forth.
SUPPLEMENTS: A number of documents discussing how to use published HERO Games supplements in conjunction with a MetaCyber campaign. Currently covered are the all important Dark Champions, The Ultimate Vehicle, The Vehicle Sourcebook, and Gadgets & Gear.
TECHNOLOGY:: A number of documents discussing important elements of Technology in the MetaCyber setting. Still mostly Under Construction, there is currently a document available discussing the NET.
NPC's: This document collects the various MetaCyber art splashes and pairs them up with the character they represent and provides a link to a character sheet for that character when one is available. More NPC write ups are being provided as they are created, so check here often.
RUN TEMPLATE GENERATOR: This document contains a simple plot randomizer with a bunch of genre appropriate story elements. Useful as a kickstarter for GM's.
PACFED SETTING: This section collects documents describing the default PacFed Setting.
UPDATES: A running list of new additions.