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Adepts are the best Origin to play because with all of their points spent on intrinsic skills and abilities they have the potential to be the most purely capable of all characters. Its all about the skillz, bro.
Adepts are essentially normal, unaltered humans who survive as Runners by being extremely competant in whatever it is that they do.
Adepts are all about having the right tools for the right job, whether those tools be Skills or Gear or some combination of both.
At character creation a Player making an Adept can can opt to redistribute the free Resource Pool Points that they start play with.
For instance they could take the free points they get for their Contact / Follower Pool and allocate them to their Vehicle / Base Pool or vice versa.
Every five (5) points of Equipment Pool converts to two (2) points of either Vehicle / Base Pool or Contact / Follower Pool and vice versa.
Vehicle / Base Pool and Contact / Follower Pool points swap at a 1 to 1 ratio.
Adepts get an extra fifteen (15) points to spend on increasing their Resource Pool Points for "free". A Player making a character doesn't have to account for these points on their character sheet; they just annotate their starting Resource Pool Points at the adjusted levels on their character sheet.
The costs for increasing Resource Pool Points are listed on page 151 of Dark Champions.
Adepts can have "Super Skills", special Talents that represent unusual, cinematic, and otherwise exceptional abilities over and above what is possible by the mainstream. Many Super Skills are built as Powers (typically with the Required Skill Roll Limitation), but the Special Effect of the ability is that it is the result of a trained ability rather than an innate superhuman ability. Combat Luck and Deadly Blow are considered Super Skills (per the Campaign Assumptions).
Adepts can have up to one (1) Super Skill per 75 character points, rounded in their favor. Super Skills always require GM approval.
It is important that Super Skills be depicted in a fashion consistent with "Cinematic Realism" and not be treated as open ended super powers.
Adepts can start with BodyTech, but in addition to paying character points they must also pay the going market rate out of their starting funds for any BodyTech they start with.
Adepts are far more prone to use Biofeedback Training than other Origins, and some Adepts use PharmiTech to gain an "edge".
However Long Term Side Effects must be checked for each dose of PharmiTech the Adept starts with as explained in the PharmiTech section.
As a flavor guideline that has no game effect, it is common for Adepts to focus on learned Skills (including Super Skills) and making full use of their Equipment Pools, but ultimately that is a decision that is completely up to the player.