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MetaPowers are the purview of Metas, genetically altered humans with spectacular abilities that are often beyond what is possible with normal science (even the "normal" science of the futuristic MetaCyber setting).
The vast majority of Metas have a single special ability, though that ability can serve as the justification for many distinct Power Constructs. Some Metas have two or even three special abilities, but even still their separate abilities tend to be related.
While Metas have superhuman Powers, the intended feel is more "realistic" and gritty than a full blown Superheroic campaign. There are some limits to what should be possible with them, or else the tone of the campaign becomes damaged. What is and is not appropriate to a given GM's campaign is left to their discretion, but generally there should be some attempt at rubber-science plausibility.
Further, it is not intended for Metas to overshadow the other Origins. Their Powers should be a viable means towards competency and relevance within a campaign, but not the ultimate means. Metas should be roughly comparable to other Origins, and their Powers should be roughly equivalent to the capabilities of cybernetics and technology.
 It is perfectly acceptable for Metas to be able to do things that technology is not yet able to duplicate such as Teleport or Phaze through walls, but it is not acceptable for Metas to be so good that other Origins are superfluous.
A metability is an underlying justification for Powers. In keeping with the scientific overtones of the setting, metabilities should be expressed in a semi-plausible pseudo-scientific fashion. In general there are three primary types of metabilities; those stemming from physical alterations, those stemming from psionics, or hybrid abilities (a mixture of both).
In general, broad metabilities that might have several expressions in terms of Powers are best from a practical game playing perspective.
In this context physical metabilities stem from a biology or physiology that is other than human norm which grants exceptional abilities of some sort. Some common physical metabilities are:
  • Abnormal Physiology
    • Unusual Density
    • Unusual Consistency
    • Unusual Senses
    • Unusual Physical Attributes
    • Feral / Animalistic Attributes
  • Advanced Physiology
    • Enhanced Musculature
    • Enhanced Coordination
    • Enhanced Senses
    • Enhanced Cognition
  • Distorted Physiology
    • Gigantism
    • Enlarged / Specialized Body Parts
In this context psionics indicates abilities controlled, usually subconsciously, using parts of the human brain normally undeveloped and unused in baseline humanity. Psionics is a term usually synonymous with "mental" powers in most settings, but in the MetaCyber setting it is a broad, catch-all idea for any ability that is not based on some physical alteration. Conceptually, regardless of what the actual manifestations of such Powers are, at some level it is made possible by psionics.
  • Energy Control / Emission
    • Pyrokinesis
    • Cyrokinesis
    • Electrokinesis
    • Lumenkinsis
    • Magnekinesis
    • Plasmakinesis
    • Pulsonkinesis
    • Forcekinesis
  • Extra Sensory Perception
    • Empathy
    • Mono-directional Telepathy
    • Sensitivities
    • Clairsentience
  • Mental Projection
    • Mental Domination
    • Mental Invisibility
    • Mental Assault
    • Telekinesis / Psychokinesis
    • Cyberkinesis
    • Astral Projection
  • Spatial Manipulation
  • Probability Manipulation
  • Vitruviology (psionically enhanced physical abilities)
  • Savantism
  • Biokinesis
NOTE: The subitems listed are not intended to refer to actual HERO System Powers, though they do have the same name in some cases; rather they refer to particular concepts within a larger group.
Some metabilities are a combination of physical alterations and a psionic ability working together. Some common Hybrid metabilities are:
  • Size Alteration
  • Density Alteration
  • Plasticity Alteration
  • Amalgamation
MetaPowers are created using the normal HERO System Power creation methods. There are an almost endless number of variation available to players and GM's alike to design interesting and distinct MetaPowers for their Meta characters.
While a given Meta probably only has one or at most three (related) metabilities, they might have any number of separate Powers that stem from their metabilities. For instance, a Pyrokinetic might have any number of Fire Control and Emission Powers, Armor vs. Fire / Heat, and Life Support: Intense Heat all defined as expressions of their metability of Pyrokinesis.
No upper limit is placed on the Active Points of Meta Powers by default, though some GM's might prefer to set some. However starting characters are limited to a Real Cost of no greater than 30 points on each of their Powers at character creation by default. A GM might waive this restriction or make exceptions on a case by case basis where warranted.
This Real Cost cap is intended to encourage players to take more than one or two tricked out Powers, and to prevent their starting Powers from being significantly more powerful and easily usable than the starting options available to other Origins. Players can raise their Powers past this Real Cost cap with experience.
Power Frameworks are allowed within reason, but they are held to the same Real Cost cap as Powers.
Elemental Controls can have no more than 30 points, and the individual slots must have a Real Cost of 30 points or less each on a new character.
Multipowers may have no more than 30 Active Points in their Reserve, and the total Real Cost of all slots cannot exceed 30 points on a new character.
VPP's get a small exception from the 30 point cap; they can have no more than 30 Pool and the Control Cost must be no more than 30 points (or a total of 60 points between the two at the GM's discretion) on a new character.
In general when using a "Universal" rule set such as the HERO System, some Powers can have a greater than usual effect in a given setting, either due to some intrinsic feature specific to them or else due to the nature of the setting, and should be given special consideration. This is particularly true of a strongly themed setting such as MetaCyber.
The following section discusses some abilities that should be leashed to prevent them from dominating a given campaign played in the MetaCyber setting. Individual GM's might choose to ignore, alter, or extended these guidlines as they see fit so check with your GM before making a character that has abilities of this nature.
Due to the overwhelming prevalence and importance of technology and cybernetics, all powers that revolve around controlling or altering them are of far greater relevance in a MetaCyber campaign than they would be in most campaigns. Such Powers are available and can make for a very memorable and powerful character, but to help keep them in check they must all take a special Advantage as described below.
CYBERKINESIS: +1 Advantage: Powers with this Advantage are unusually relevant and capable in a technology oriented setting.
Similar to Cyberkinesis, Powers with the SFX of "EMP", Electro-Magnetism, or similar  have an unusually potent effect in a setting were a substantial portion of the population have cybernetics or other advanced electronics systems that are wiped out by exposure to strong Electro-Magnetics. To keep such Powers in check, they must take a special Advantage described below.
EMP: +1 Advantage: Powers with this Advantage produce Electro-Magnetic energy which disrupts or damages many forms of cybernetics and advanced electronics.
This is not a SFX per se, but rather a concept of Powers specifically intended to destroy Foci, such as Ranged Killing Attacks with small dice of effect and multiple levels of Penetrating. Such abilities are lame metagame constructs to begin with, but they are particularly broken in a gear-laden setting such as MetaCyber. The following House Rule is assumed to be in effect, though obviously individual GM's might differ:
All Foci used for Defensive or Melee purposes are considered to be DURABLE unless they specifically have the FRAGILE modifier.
Foci and other inanimate objects are considered to have unlimited levels of Hardened for purposes of resisting Penetrating and Indirect, but not Armor Piercing (AP). However the SFX of AP Attacks should be considered on a case by case basis to determine if it is appropriate for them to reduce the DEF of an object or Foci.