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All forms of PharmiTech are designed using the Aid Power, generally applied against Primary and / or Secondary Characteristics. Any of the Characteristics except COM can be enhanced with Pharmitech, though there are some specific restrictions discussed in more detail below.
With GM's discretion some kinds of PharmiTech might be able to Aid other attributes such as some Skills, however common sense should be applied. Physical Skills such as Acrobatics and Climbing would probably be ok, but more abstract Skills likely would not; regardless, boosting the base Characteristic that a Skill relies upon has a similar net effect and should be sufficient.
SuperSkills and MetaPowers should generally not be boostable by PharmiTech. Not only would it be unbalancing, its also conceptually extremely unlikely that a drug would be researched and developed specifically to boost a single individual's unique abilities.
PharmiTech enhancements do not have Active Point caps, but can have no more than 5d6 or 30 points of effect.
PharmiTech enhancements from multiple doses do not stack.
If a character is benefitting from a dose that enhances a characteristic, and takes another dose that enhances the same characteristic if the new dose's enhancement exceeds the current enhancement the character benefits from the higher level for the duration of the second dosage.
If the second dose's enhancement does not exceed the current dose's enhancement the character gains +1 to the effected characteristic for the duration of the second dosage; however if the original dose's effect wears off before the second dose's the characteristic's enhancement drops to the second dose's level of effect for the remainder of the second dose's duration.
When a person buys a hit of some PharmiTech they are buying one unit of dosage, whether its a barrel of pills they have to take over a period of time or a single syringe they shoot up all in one go. In effect each dose has 1 Non-Recoverable Charge, but since characters do not pay character points for PharmiTech and the Real Cost is not part of the calculation to determine monetary costs, the various writeups for PharmiTech forgo listing it to cut down on unnecessary bookkeeping.
PharmiTech doses are built using the Aid Power to boost a Characteristic (or with the use of Expanded Effect, several Characteristics). Aids normally "fade" away pretty rapidly, at the rate of 5 points per TURN; however this can be prolonged through the use of the Delayed Fade Rate Advantage.
It is fully expected that this Advantage will be used in conjunction with PharmiTech drugs, however the potential for abuse in this practice is checked by a restriction that the Advantage value of Delayed Fade Rate be matched by a Gradual Effect and / or Side Effect Limitation. Thus an Aid that lasts a long time must either also take a long time to take effect or else cause some form of harm to the user or some combination of both.
In effect, long term benefits from PharmiTech are possible but require long term doping and careful monitoring to be done safely, and cutting corners or getting a quick boost is dangerous.
Any level of Delayed Fade Rate may be used with PharmiTech Powers, but an equal Limitation value of Gradual Effect and / or Side Effects must be applied to the Power.
A Fade Rate of 5 points per Millennia can be considered effectively permanent, baring the application of a counter agent.
Gradual Effect represents undergoing a constant program, and gaining progressively more enhancement over time.
Side Effects represent the dangers inherent in unsafe doping; while it offers a faster pay off it is hard on the body.
Most PharmiTech related Side Effects involve equivalent Drains to other Characteristics than those boosted by the Juice they are on, Mental Transforms that apply Physical or Psychological Disadvantages to the character, damage done directly to the character, and similar unpleasantness.
PharmiTech Side Effects never harm the environment or other people; they are strictly internal. The GM has final approval of all Side Effects applied to a PharmiTech Power.
EXAMPLE: The following PharmiTech drug represents a long term testosterone doping process that makes the recipient potentially extremely strong. It takes a Month to fully kick in, but lasts pretty much for life from the perspective of people with a normal lifespan.
However, the testosterone boosts aren't good for the brain or skin as represented by the Side Effect Drains vs PRE, BODY, INT, and EGO. Some people take to the drug well with minimal side effects, but others can get very little boost while suffering acute side effects (based on the variability of the Aid and Drain rolls). Unfortunately there is no way to tell before hand if a person is predisposed one way or the other.
Note that the Delayed Return Rate is a +3 1/4 Advantage, while the Gradual Effect and Side Effect Limitations add up to -3 1/4, and thus comply with the restriction requiring an equivalent Limitation value between one or both of Gradual Effect and Side Effects.
Metabomight: Aid STR 3d6, Delayed Return Rate (points return at the rate of 5 per Century; +3 1/4) (127 Active Points); Gradual Effect (1 Month; -2 1/4), Side Effects, Side Effect occurs automatically whenever Power is used (1d6+1 Drain vs. PRE, BODY, INT, and EGO simultaneously; FADE 5/Century; -1); ~2,080,768 credits
All PharmiTech has the potential to cause long term problems for a character whether the individual Powers have the Side Effect Limitation or not. This is covered in more detail in the PharmiTech Costs document.
People that have LS: Immunity to Poison never suffer side effects from PharmiTech, but they also gain no benefit from them either. Their body's superior immune system neutralizes PharmiTech dosages for no net effect.
PharmiTech is not Equipment and cannot be taken as part of a character's Equipment Resource Pool. Each dose must be paid for or otherwise acquired separately, and be tracked individually.
PharmiTech can boost any Primary or Secondary Characteristic except for COM, though some require more creative SFX than others.
PharmiTech can grant sizable boosts in Strength and usually the Strength gain is over the entire body. BodyTech Strength is explained in detail on the BodyTech page.
A character using PharmiTech to increase their Strength cannot also Push their Strength.
PharmiTech can greatly enhance a characters ability to Run, Swim, and Leap. However no more than 20 Active Points can be applied to improve Running, Swimming, or Leaping.