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The most common form of BodyTech by a far margin, Cybernetics have been around for decades in the MetaCyber setting and are thus pretty refined as technologies go. Quite a lot is possible using Cybernetics, ranging from replacing limbs and organs with technological versions of equivalent functionality, to versions that are better than a human equivalent. But it's not all a bed of roses either; there are costs involved.
Unlike normal equipment, Cybernetics cost both character points and credits (aka in-game currency). A character must pay the Real Cost of all their Cybernetics and in addition pay a hefty fee for the device itself and it's installation by trained doctor-technicians. It ain't cheap.
The adjoining calculator gives "rule of thumb" guidelines as to how much Cybernetics should cost in credits.
Active Points:
Real Cost:
Select Type:
Select Rarity:
Credit Cost:*
*NOTE: These are ballpark figures; a large variety of circumstances will dictate the exact costs involved, but on average the prices will hover in a range of around +/-10% of the amount indicated by the above formulas.
Enter the Active Points and Real Cost of the Cybernetic device, and select its Type and Rarity. The calculator will automatically determine the approximate credit cost of the device.
When Cybernetic parts take damage they never heal. They must be repaired by a qualified mechanic, or if completely destroyed they must be replaced. Devices that are implanted internally are often just as expensive to replace as they are to get in the first place, while those that are embedded closer to or at the surface of the skin are generally cheaper to replace since most of the "wet work" has already been done.
Repairing or replacing a Cybernetic device with an identical device costs only credits, never character points. Replacing a Cybernetic device with a device that costs more character points requires the payment of the difference in character points.
Replacing a Cybernetic device with a device that costs fewer character points returns the excess character points to the character, and they can be used for other things. However at the GM's discretion these recouped points might have to be put into more Cybernetics or to pay off Disadvantages associated with Cybered Existance.
In either case the credit costs involved are unaffected by this "meta" consideration (however the character should generally get some amount of "resale" credits back for the device they are getting rid of unless it is damaged beyond value).
Some Cybernetic devices might have several small Powers bundled into them, such as a CyberEye that has filters for a variety of purposes that grant Night Vision, IR Vision, UV Vision, and Flash Defense (Sight): 10. This is built as a Compound Power, and all credit costs associated with its installation are based on the total Active Points and Real Cost. However the 30 Active Point cap (described below) applies to the individual Powers, not the total Active Points of the Compound Power.
For instance a character could have 10 Powers in a Compound Power, and each sub Power in it could have up to 30 Active Points, but the monetary cost is based on the total Active Points.
As the cyberdoc says -- see me now or see me later. At the GM's discretion, many Cybernetic parts require scheduled maintenance, similar to a car. How frequently this is necessary and how much it costs is left to the GM to decide based upon how much of the downside of being a cyborg they want to be a factor in their campaign.
As a recommendation though, just like the maintenance required for a car is based largely on usage, Cybernetics that are used hard and put away wet so to speak should require more frequent and more expensive maintenance than Cybernetic devices that see only normal wear and tear.
It can take weeks or months to recover from major surgeries, with a convalescent period followed by physical therapy. Depending on how serial or episodic a GM wants their game to be this can be an inconvenience to pacing and plot. It is left to the GM's discretion how best to portray recovery from Cybernetic surgery for their own campaign.
As a rule of thumb however it is recommended that it take a number of days of recovery equal to the highest Active Point total of the Powers in a particular device minus the character's CON (do not include any CON acquired via BodyTech however). Special circumstances like the Extra Healing Talent can shorten this further, but no more than half in most cases. Some extreme Cybernetics might take much longer to recover from where common sense indicates it is appropriate.
While recovering a character is considered to be in a physically weak state and generally unable to take actions requiring any amount of exertion, the extent of which will depend on exactly where the character was operated on. A character can recover from multiple surgeries simultaneously, thus it is common for cyborgs to save up their money and have several installations done all at once.
If the Close Quarters Optional Rule from Dark Champions is being used, Cyborgs have issues shifting their bulk around in close quarters and suffer the penalties listed in the adjoining chart in addition to any other Close Quarter Combat penalties they may suffer from.
Type of Cybernetics DEX Penalty*
Cyberarms -1
Cyberlegs -1
Dermal Plating -1
Heavy Dermal Plating -2
Exo-skeleton -2
Hard Points -1 each
* This penalty applies only for purposes of determining when a character's Phase occurs.