Body Tech

Biofeedback Training Cramming Mechanics Costs History
Biofeedback is based on the concept of the Cramming Skill, and further extends the concept with two new custom Skills which are described below, Improved Cramming, and Martial Cramming
Improved Cramming: As Cramming, but a (CHAR/5) Skill Roll is granted rather than the usual 8- Familiarity and the character can use any relevant Skill Levels with the Crammed Skill. Alternately, up to 5 points of fluency in a Language can be learned instead; Cost: 10 Character Points
Martial Cramming: As Cramming, but instead of the usual Skills available to Cramming any Combat Skill or Martial Maneuver with a cost of 5 points or less can be learned. Further the character can use any relevant Skill Levels or Damage Classes with the Crammed Skill or Maneuver as applicable; Cost: 8 Character Points
As with Cramming, the Skill learned via Improved and Martial Cramming fade after a period of time as determined by the GM (at least a week of game time is recommended), but once a character has learned a Skill via Cramming they can opt to spend Experience Points to gain the Skill in the normal fashion, and thus this process can greatly expedite the acquisition of new Skills.
At the GM's discretion, a character with two Martial Cramming Skills could pool them together to learn a 10 point Combat Skill such as Two Weapon Fighting or Defensive Manuever IV. This is allowed in the MetaCyber setting by default.
A character can upgrade a Cramming skill to either an Improved Cramming Skill or a Martial Cramming Skill via the expenditure of experience points to cover the differences in cost. A character cannot upgrade a Martial Cramming Skill to an Improved Cramming Skill and vice versa.