Body Tech

Biofeedback Training Cramming Mechanics Costs History
Biofeedback Training (BFT) is a method that allows the temporary learning of Skills in the course of a few hours. This is achieved by using NET related technology and virtual reality machines referred to as BFT rigs to insert a person's awareness into a specially programmed virtual training environment where they interact with a curriculum at extreme rates of assimilation, much faster than possible at real time. In the course of an hour a person of reasonable wit can learn the equivalent of what it would take them a month to learn in real life.
BFT rigs come in two types; the most common "normal" type is used for non-Combat Skills and takes the form of a reclining couch something like a dentists chair, with a lowerable NET hood and some synapse leads.
For Combat Skills the rigs are much more complex, involving an expensive virtual reality suit and a suspension system allowing stimuli to be delivered to the entire body, and for the person using it to move around in practically 360 degrees freely.
In both cases a person does not have to have a brainjack to use a rig; the helmet is an old-style projected visor, patching into the brain through the ocular nerves.
The lounge-style rig is simple enough for a person to use it themselves with out assistance, and are commercially available for ~80,000 credits. Many scholars have a personal rig in their own home. The suspension rig is much more complicated and takes at least one technician to operate, and the devices are not commercially available (but could be acquired on the black market for ~1,500,000 credits).
Information related to Biofeedback Training is topically organized:
  • Cramming: BFT is based on the Cramming Skill, and two new Cramming Skills: Improved Cramming and Martial Cramming. This document explains these two new Skills.
  • Mechanics: this document explains how BFT works in the MetaCyber setting.
  • Costs: the credit costs for BFT rig time are presented herein, including a cost calculator.
  • History: the history of BFT in the context of the MetaCyber setting is presented.