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Shooters are the best Archetype because theres a whole lot of people in the world that really really really deserve to get shot. And practically every Run needs at least a back up Shooter in case things get wet -- that's what is known as "job security".
Shooters, as the name implies, bring useful skills with guns (or more rarely other ranged weapons) to the table.
However it takes more than a gun to be a Shooter. Many characters can provide respectable ranged capacity to a Run, but real Shooters are exceptional at it.
Precision and reliability are the hallmarks of a good Shooter.
It doesn't even particularly matter what kind of weapons a Shooter favors so long as they are reliable and effective with them.
Snipers, submachine gunners, "Dirty Harry's", gunslingers, and even odd ball Archers are all Shooters.
Shooters should have good overall accuracy, whether that be pure DEX based OCV, relevant Combat Skill Levels, or Range Levels. Penalty Skill Levels to offset Hit Location penalties are also a useful ability.
Support skills like Fast Draw and Weapon Familiarities with a broad spectrum of weaponry are also handy. Two Weapon Fighting (Ranged) is a popular choice as well.
Shooters can get away with lower overall defenses in general, if they make a habit of shooting first, keeping their distance, and using terrain to their advantage.
Shooters should start play with at least one decent weapon, and perhaps a back up.
One of the most dangerous types of Shooters, Snipers can lend a powerful tool to a Run, particularly wet ones. However their lack of ability in closer quarters and particularly inside large complexes limits their employability somewhat.
Nevertheless, Snipers are among the most feared threats in the world of Runners. No matter how bad ass you think you are, you have to live with the knowledge that you might be in someone's crosshairs right now.
The more rep you get, the more likely it is, too...
+Sniper Rifles
Some Shooters, many even, are all about the twitch reflexes. Fast on the draw, most Gunslingers favor one or two pistols, but they are so deadly accurate with them that they are able to over come the limitations of their weapons.
Some Gunslingers are of the one shot one kill method, but many like to pop off a lot of rounds, and there's a definite element of gunslinger / swashbuckler mentality at play whereby style matters.
Gunslinger (Package) (HERO System 5th Edition)
  • Dodgy: +1 DCV
  • Dead Eye: +1 Ranged Combat
  • Gunslinger: +3 w/ Pistols
  • Good Aim: +3 vs. Range Penalties w/ Pistols
  • Crack Shot: +3 vs. Hit Location Penalties w/ Pistols
  • Fast Draw (Pistols) +2
  • Lightning Reflexes: +5 DEX to act first with All Actions
  • WF: Pistols
Active Points 50 Real Cost 50
Some Shooters go for the burst capable and fully automatic guns. Submachine guns, machine pistols, the occasional light machine gun, or more high-tech Pulson Assault guns are their tools of the trade.
Zabijak SMG (HERO System 5th Edition)
Gear Lvl 0
Street, 15,750 creds
This mean little sub-machine gun is popular on the streets and widely used. It's main claim to fame is a very high rate of fire, which ensures its popularity with the "spray and pray" crowd, particularly Gangers.
Zabijak SMG: Ranged Killing Attack 2d6 (vs. PD), 60 Charges (+1/2), Autofire (10 shots; +1) (75 Active Points); OAF (-1), STR Min 13 Cannot Add Damage (-1), Beam (-1/4), Real Weapon (-1/4); [60]
Active Points 75 Real Cost 21
Gunners still favor accuracy and controlled bursts despite using automatic weapons, and can be very dangerous additions to any Runner team.
Only a very few Shooters use a Bow, or more commonly a Crossbow, as their primary weapons. However, the quality of modern Bows and Crossbows ensures that these are still capable armaments and there are some limited advantages to their use to partially counter out their cons, principally for purposes of stealth.
Regardless, a Runner has to be very good to be taken seriously if they show up to a Fixers packing nothing but a bow and arrow getup.
See pages 37-42 of Gadgets & Gear for gimmick arrows. The Broadhead, Chisel Point, Acid, Blunt, Exploding, and Grapnel options are available in a MetaCyber campaign.
Some meta's have strange abilities that allow them to project force or energy at range, effectively making them a Shooter (tough some are more properly equivalent to Boomers). Because each meta's powers are specific to themselves, few things can be said of this small minority en masse, but as a general statement dudes that can shoot fire or lasers from their fingers definitely have Runner-worthy abilities and can do well in the field.