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Hackers are the best Archetype to be because they are the masters of the brave new computerized world.
They have the ability to rise above the meat world and do things on the global plane of information and control found in the NET. That's real power, man.
In the computerized world of MetaCyber almost all Runs need a Hacker of some sort.
Those that rely on pure skill and technical know-how to interface with computers at a low level identify themselves as Proggers, while those that don't have the nitty-gritty tech lore but are instead skilled at using and abusing the virtual reality of the NET call themselves Deckers.
When it comes to pure hackery, Proggers are head and shoulders better than Deckers. When it comes to social engineering and operating in the vast virtual reality known as the NET, Deckers are far better suited to the task. Many Proggers can function as Deckers, but don't always have the right social skills or inclination to be good at it.
Hackers have to be good at hacking, plain and simple.
Proggers need to have their Computer Programming skill as high and with as many categories as possible. Proggers also need at least one Computer (usually a laptop) tricked out as much as possible with useful software.
An intimate knowledge of Security Systems is also an important skill to have.
Deckers need a NET Deck with some extra non-standard features. The best Deckers have the hardware installed directly into their brain so that they don't even need a NET Deck anymore. See NET Gear for more information.
The following are links to information pertinent to Hacking in the MetaCyber setting:
Intelligence is an important characteristic for Proggers. Everything else is elective.
Deckers should definitely start play with their own NET Deck.
Both Deckers and Proggers often have cybernetic Brainjacks, but there is very little downside to using VR Goggles, which accomplish the same purpose.
Hackers that go on Runs should have some armor and perhaps a weapon of some sort. Hackers with Brainjacks might find an advantage to using a "smart" gun, like a Viper.
Fuchi-Karawa Viper Auto-tracker Pistol (HERO System 5th Edition)
Gear Lvl 0
Street, 12,400 creds
A popular gun among less skilled marksmen; the Viper's integral brainjack uplink assists aiming. People with any amount of actual skill generally sneer at those who need the assist, and people using them are the butt of many jokes.
  1. Auto Tracker: +6 with Viper Auto Tracker; OAF (-1), Cannot Be Used In Conjunction With Other OCV or Range Skill Levels (-3/4), Requires Brainjack (-1/4)
  2. Fuchi-karawa Viper Auto Tracker: Ranged Killing Attack 2d6-1 (vs. PD), 32 Charges (+1/4) (31 Active Points); OAF (-1), STR Min 5 Cannot Add Damage (-3/4), Beam (-1/4), Real Weapon (-1/4) [32]
  3. WF: Fuchi-karawa Viper Auto Tracker, OAF, Requires Brainjack
Active Points 31 Real Cost 20
Cryptos are masters of encryption and code breaking.
Though most Cryptos only work with data provided to them by others, to make a Hacker that is also able to crack encryption schemes simply take the Cryptography Skill and buy several levels with it.
NOTE: Unlike some other cyberpunk games there is a definite impetus to make it necessary for Hackers to directly participate in at least most Runs, rather than sit back at some safe location far from the action.