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Driver's are the best Archetype because they are just about the most flexible Runners around. While the other Archetypes are locked into specific narrow roles by their skill sets, a Driver switches roles by just switching vehicles. You need a chauffeur, a chaser, or a tanker a Driver with the right motor pool can fill in as fast as they can arrange to get out of one Vehicle and behind the wheel of another.
Drivers specialize in vehicles, as the name implies, both the driving and ownership of them, but not the repair of them (repair is a Patcher concern).
Anything from fast getaway cars, battle wagons, attack cycles, gunships, helicoptors, planes, trains, automobiles, and remote controlled assault drones are a Driver's stock in trade.
Drivers need to have worthy vehicles to be useful to a Run, though exactly what type of vehicle that might be will differ by what role the Driver is to serve.
If the Driver's job is to get other Runners to and from a job they'll need a different vehicle than if their job is to lay down heavy fire.
Drivers need to be good behind the wheel obviously, so Combat Driving and / or Combat Piloting and enough Transport Familiarities to cover their bases are key. Dex and Speed sufficient to match the vehicles they pilot, drive, or control are also important.
Since most Drivers tend to stay out of harms way personal defenses are usually pretty low, but since their vehicles are often the target of retaliatory fire their defenses should be up to par.
More than most Archetypes Drivers are extremely dependent on gear, most obviously Vehicles, but also almost all Drivers have one or more ControlLinks, cybernetic devices that allow them to directly interface with neurally enabled vehicle control systems.
As the name might suggest, this sort of Driver specializes in controlling Drones. Depending one what sort of Drone they happen to be piloting a Droner can fill a lot of different roles for a team.
Some Drivers specialize in shadowing targets, gathering information, and other wise serving as scouts. Some are more mainstream Drivers most of the time, but double as effective lookouts while the action is going down, keeping their eye on whats going on outside a target site and their ear on a comm scanner. Other Drivers are Droners that specialize in tricked out surveillance Drones.
Whatever their flavor this sort of Driver can be very useful to have on the roster. Knowledge really is power.
The Speedfreak specializes in going FAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTT, as much as possible and as often as possible. Handy when a hot pursuit or getaway breaks out, they can also be useful in an assault role if piloting fast and manueverable attack vehicles.
Bikers prefer light and manueverable one (or at most one and a half) seaters, whether they be jetbikes or motorcycles or something more unusual. Bikers are very handy for a number of mission types involving jobs done on the move, extractions, as decoys or picket riders, escorts, chases, etc etc etc. Many Bikers double up as something else as well, usually a Shooter or Scrapper, making them very flexible at pulling contracts.
This sort of Driver specializes in driving or piloting some kind of heavy ordinance bearing vehicle that can lay down the anarchy easy as you please. Filling a very similar role to some Boomers but with some extra pluses like an armored shell and some degree of mobility, Tankers don't come cheap.
NOTE: a player that wants to play a Driver should take care to make sure that their character has other skills that can allow them to participate rather than being relegated to sitting outside in the car.
Thus an important consideration in the context of a roleplaying game is that while a getaway driver or equivalent is oftentimes a necessary and important element of a Run, it's no fun for a player character to sit around in the getaway vehicle outside while the rest of the player characters participate in the central action.