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Breakers are the best Archetype to play because they are so necessary. Targets try to squirrel things away in nigh-impenetrable strongholds and corporate ramparts, and only a Breaker can get at it. Breakers are also usually self sufficient as well -- they are able to solo some kinds of jobs, and can always use their skills to earn a little income even if they are between Runs.
Getting in and out of places they arent supposed to be is the speciality of the Breaker. Part thief, part spy, part infiltrator, and part inside man Breakers are an important part of many types of Runs. If you need to get into a secure facility to accomplish a contract and can't just force your way in, you had better have a Breaker on your team.
Just about more than any other Archetype, Breakers are all about Skills. Stealth, Concealment, Security Systems, Electronics, and Lockpicking are almost de riguer for Breakers, and support Skills like Sleight of Hand, Streetwise, PS: Appraisal are also very useful to have.
Further, Breakers usually need a way to offload any loot they may pocket along the way, so social contacts among fences and some Interaction Skills are not uncommon either.
Some Breakers are fast, but it's more important to be sneaky and good at getting around intrusion countermeasures. Anything that allows a Breaker to get through locks and avoid surveillance is of principal importance.
Any gear that helps a Breaker do their job is key, and a Breaker should start with enough gear to pull off a Run with.
This sort of Breaker excels at avoiding detection, either via technology, skill, or natural advantages. Ghosts are most useful when stealth is a priority; particularly if the mark can't know they've been compromised for a while. Data theft, hidden sabotage, and bug planting are all classic Ghost jobs.
However, almost all Ghosts are soloists; they can work in conjunction with teams, but their level of subtlety requires them to insert alone. This makes for a dangerous livelihood.
Impersonators are Breakers that specialize in fooling both the naked eye and biometrics with a combination of skill, props, and gear, and thereby gain illicit access. Part actor, part forger, part nerves of steel, Impersonators are a dying breed but good ones are assured a place in the upper tiers of the Runner elite.
Crawlers take advantage of a fact of modern construction; crawl spaces, access tunnels, service conduits, and if need be sewers intertwine through almost all buildings to some degree or another, and securing them is always a challenge.
Crawlers find them, map them, and use them to gain access to places they are not supposed to be. Almost all Breakers are capable of doing this in theory, but Crawlers take it to a high art form and it is their primary M.O..
Crawlers have a lot in common with Ghosts, but are more able to guide others along with them circumstantially; large or heavily borg'd teammates couldn't go with them if they planned to insert via narrow ducts, but an entire team could go along if the target site had a little-known service door in from an old subway tunnel for instance.
A big part of a Crawler's bag of tricks is physically avoiding areas with a lot of surveillance and infiltrating where security is weak. As an aside, most Crawlers are small and thin and have no issues with claustrophobia by necessity.
This sort of Breaker is well known for their ability to beat locks, both mechanical and electronic. The best Slicers are also adept at bypassing security features designed to prevent unauthorized access via windows and doors. Slicers typically move with a team in the field, slicing locks as needed.
This task is sometimes manageable by a Hacker overriding security systems, but there are enough failsafes employed to do some combination of prevention, detection, and deterent to ensure that Slicers are usually in demand.
This sort of Breaker excels at opening safes and vaults. A very narrow specialty, but an important one for certain kinds of jobs. Many Crackers have some secondary skill set as well, but the best Crackers are so necessary and rare that they really don't have to bring anything else to the table; they can expect to be feted and fully supported and protected in the field.