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Presented herein are the art splashes for MetaCyber, each of which represents an individual or occasionally a group. In each case a full character write up is also presented where available. Most of these write ups (those not in the GM's Vault) are considered "iconic" and are usable as is for starting PC's or as NPC's with which to populate the setting, and even as templates for GM use.
The MetaCyber setting is very much character driven. The possibilities for unique abilities, backgrounds, and personalities amongst MetaCyber Runners is immense, and it is a fascinating exercise to compare and contrast characters of the same Origin, same Archetype, and combinations thereof and see the many similarities, and differences between them and the shifting permutations in approaches. Further, each of their backgrounds and flavors offers intriguing windows into the larger setting, the kind of people that live in it, and various life paths that all lead somehow to Running.
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