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Hero System
Threshold Framework
Anatomy of a Hero
HERO System 5e Revised
Equipment Costs Points Debunk
Relevance and Reliability
Tactical Principles
Action Advantage
USPD Review
Damage Negation (6e)
Meta Concepts
Trait Driven HERO
Shtick Driven HERO
Planned Phases HERO
Event Driven HERO
Meta Accounting HERO
GM Hold-back HERO
Subsidized Buy-in HERO
Bundled Powerup HERO
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Bell Curve
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I've been playing roleplaying games since 1984, and the HERO System specifically since 1990. I've used the HERO System to run games in a large variety of genres in more campaigns than I can conveniently remember, some short lived and some lasting two or more years long.
Other parts of this site provide specific information on various genre related forays of mine using the HERO System, but this document collects a variety of expositions, musings, thoughts, and reviews I've written related to the HERO System as a roleplaying game rather than specific applications of it.
Any opinions or conclusions drawn are my own, and are not necessarily representative of the HERO System roleplaying community in general, and certainly do not represent an official viewpoint.
Bell Curve Bell Curve vs Linear
Anatomy of a HERO Amazon Review of
HERO System 5th Edition
HERO System 5th Edition Revised Mythbusting: Paying Points
for Mundane Items
New Power Framework:
Threshold Scale
Relevance and Reliability
Tactical Principals Action Advantage
USPD Review Character List by Genre
Damage Negation (6e) Meta Concepts

This site exists to provide content for use with the HERO System roleplaying game produced by HERO Games. This is a not-for-profit fan site that does not seek to infringe or challenge the IP or licenses of HERO Games. It is intended merely to expand and assist the player base of the HERO System.
HERO System 5th Rules Edition is a trademark of DOJ, Inc., used by permission. All rights reserved.
The HERO SystemTM is DOJ, Inc.'s trademark for its roleplaying system. See for more information.
The HERO System and all associated games, game products, terms, and images are copyright 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, or 2005 by DOJ, Inc. This website includes copyrighted material, which is used by permission of DOJ, Inc. All rights reserved.
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The original material presented herein is either my own creation or the creation of others where credited, intended for use with the HERO System and/or other products of DOJ, Inc. d/b/a Hero Games. This material is not official, and has not been approved or endorsed by DOJ, Inc.
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