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Pathfinder Fate Accelerated

  • Pathfinder Fate Accelerated guidelines, including step by step character creation.
    • Stunt Options with many new Stunt templates and example Stunts
    • Simple Magic guidelines discussing how to use the four standard Fate actions to allow quick magic resolution. Topics covered include how to handle conjuration / summoning, "save or bad", and delayed or complex effects.
      • Magic Style Options that extend the simple magic guidelines with things like prepared casting, alchemy, elementalists, and so on.
    • GM Resources offering material for GM usage, discussion of various initiative mechanisms, explanation for a modified pyramid advancement scheme, and links to other content.
  • Pathfinder Class Translation Guidelines providing guidance on translating class concepts from the source material into Pathfinder Fate Accelerated terms.
  • Adventure details from the games we've run with Pathfinder FAE, including NPC and challenge write ups for re-use.
  • Iconic starting characters are provided to serve as examples, offer inspiraton, or to be used as pregenerated PC's or ready to use NPC's. Several dozen are available, and are among the highlights of the content provided for Pathfinder Fate Accelerated; worth checking out.
  • Bestiary with character write ups for monsters, animals, and npcs. A mixture of mooks and full write-ups are provided.
  • Item write ups. Potions, scrolls, and miscellaneous items.
  • Stunt write ups. Several hundred are available, across a range of categories.
  • Spell write ups of effects that have been used in play or written up to translate some source material into Pathfinder Fate Accelerated terms, provided as examples.