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The Cavalier

This document provides suggestions and insights into how to translate the ideas of the Cavalier class from the source material into Pathfinder Fate Accelerated.

"Cavaliers tend to marshal forces on the battlefield, using their mounted talents and challenges to control the flow of the fight. Outside of battle, cavaliers can be found advancing their cause through diplomacy and, if needed, subterfuge. The cavalier is no stranger to courtly intrigue and can hold his own in even the most delicate of social situations."

For purposes of Pathfinder Fate Accelerated, the differences between a fighter and a cavalier boils down to Stunt choices and wording of Aspects and Troubles to model a code of honor or equivalent to capture a "cavalier" feel.

Sample Iconics


Starting Archetype Sets


Combative +4

Well Drilled

Combative +3, Focused +1


Combative +3, Roguish +1

Therefore, it is recommended that players interested in making a cavalier type character refer to the Fighter class translation document , and address their character's "knightly order" via careful selection of their Stunts and Aspects.

Syr is a heavily armored Knight of the Blue Rose. The cavaliers of the Order of the Blue Rose dedicate themselves to promoting peace in the lands they roam. Skilled warriors and adept diplomats, these cavaliers counsel wisdom, patience, and understanding, but are ever mindful of the need to take up arms to strike down aggressors, tyrants, or evil usurpers. Although they believe wholeheartedly in peace as an aim and a final goal, cavaliers of the Blue Rose are warriors first, and embrace their role as guardians of those who cannot or will not take up arms to defend themselves.


See the Fighter class translation document for a selection of relevant warrior feats.

The following Stunts might be of interest to a cavalier.

Charger: Because I excel at charging into combat to deliver a devastating attack, I gain +3 while Forcefully or Quickly Combative to make melee attacks in a conflict if I first move one or more zones in the same action to reach my opponent. I cannot split my shifts between multiple opponents when I do this.

Courser: Because I am so skilled at fighting while mounted, I gain +2 when I am Quickly Combative and attack from the back of a mount.

Inspiring Leadership: Because I inspire my allies and followers, any allies who join me in battle gain +1 on all actions they take within a conflict while being Combative. Allies must be within three (3) zones and within line of sight of me to benefit from my leadership. This ability applies for the duration of the conflict even if I am taken out, as my allies are moved to protect or avenge me.

Mounted Strike: Because I excel at ride-by attacks when mounted, whenever I am Quickly Combative and attack after moving a zone, if I succeed with style my mount and I may immediately move 1 zone away as a free action. If I also choose to reduce the damage I inflict to get a boost I may use that boost to move an additional zone further away. I may also choose to spend a Fate point to move an additional zone further away.

Rally Leader: Because I am able to inspire my allies to regroup and rally, once per scene I can give a motivating monologue or shout out words of courage and valor to allow all allies within one (1) zone of me to clear one of their stress boxes or a Mild consequence.


Cavaliers often have animal companions as mounts or followers such as squires and henchmen; see the Stunt options document for details on how to incorporate companions into your character using Stunts.

Minion: Because [describe the reason you have a follower], I have drawn an assistant into my service.

2 Aspects

Good At: Spread +4 around 1 to 4 skill-like abilities

Bad At: Spread -4 around 1 to 4 skill-like abilities

Hits: [1][1]

Animal Companion (-3): Because [describe the reason you have an animal companion], I have attracted a powerful animal companion that chooses to aid me.

Two (2) Aspects

Good At: Spread +4 around one to four skill-like abilities

Bad At: Spread -4 around one to four skill-like abilities

Stress [1][2][3]

Mild (2)

Moderate (4)