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Lineage Stunts

Stunts strongly related to a specific lineages, stereotypical racial abilities, and so forth.

Abyssal Lineage: Because I am born of a bloodline with abyssal lineage, I gain +2 when I am Flashily Arcane and casting spells related to fire, darkness, and demonology.

Aristocrat: Because I am the heir to an aristocratic line with history entangled with a nation state, ruling dynasty, or region I am afforded respect, deference, and access to those in power far exceeding anything justified by my own merit. The benefit of this is tied to the political influence and power of whatever land or people my lineage is attached to and in some situations can even be a compellable hindrance; GM's discretion applies.

Breath Weapon (-2): Because I am able to expel a specific kind of breath attack from my mouth, once per scene I may make a special attack affecting all targets (animate and inanimate) in my zone without having to split my shifts between them. In addition to inflicting stress, I can also re-use the results of my attack roll to attempt to overcome or alter a single situtational aspect present in the affected zone if I can narratively justify it; for instance I could overcome an obstruction by destroying it. This attack is non-discriminatory and often causes collateral damage at the GM's discretion, such as modifying ambient descriptors within the affected zone to reflect a damaged or ruined state; for instance a Fancy Hotel Room descriptor aspect might be altered to instead be Scorched Hotel Room.

Dwarven Resilience: Because I am attuned to my Dwarven nature, once per session if I would take a Consequence I may instead spend a Fate point to avoid it. When I do this I also get a free invoke on my Dwarf Race Aspect.

Dwarf Stubborn: Because I am stubborn even for a Dwarf, I gain +2 when I am Focused and defend against attempts to coerce, convince, magically compel, or trick me into doing something I don't want to do.

Elven Grace: Because I am attuned to my Elven nature, once per session I may take a single free reroll on one of my own 4dF rolls or force an opponent in my current scene to reroll one of their 4dF rolls. When I do this I also get a free invoke on my Elf Race Aspect.

Halfling Fortune: Because I am attuned to my Halfling nature, once per session when attempting an action I can narratively justify and have even a small chance of succeeding at, I may spend a Fate point to automatically succeed rather than attempt a 4dF resolution. When I do this I also get a free invoke on my Halfling Race Aspect.

Infernal Lineage: Because I am born of a bloodline with infernal lineage, I gain +2 when I am Cleverly Arcane and casting spells related to fire, coersion, and diabolism.

Spell-like Abilities: Because my lineage grants me innate magical capabilities, I may use my Focused Archetype instead of the Arcane Archetype to activate a small set of specific magical abilities and to intuitively understand magical phenomenon related to my particular lineage. GM's discretion applies.

Supernatural Durability: Because I am descended from one or more supernatural ancestors I am more durable than normal. I reduce by one (1) all non-magical stress inflicted on me.