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Spirit Spells

Primal Spell (Spirit)

Overcome while Carefully Primal vs a Great (+4) difficulty to get the answer to one or more (1+) basic questions from a spirit; success grants one (1) question and each extra shift grants one (1) additional question. Some stipulations and restrictions apply.

You commune with a spirit, allowing it to answer one or more questions that you put to it. The spirit's knowledge is and whether the spirit you are communing with can answer a given question are subject to the GM's discretion. You are not limited by language, but answers are usually brief, cryptic, or repetitive.

If the spirit is hostile or inimical to you it may attempt to defend against your overcome action, at the GM's discretion.

You can cast this spell on a spirit that has been deceased for any amount of time, but the spirit must be within your vicinity when you cast the spell. The difficulty increases by one (1) each time you cast this spell within the same session.

Basic magical overcome actions are explained in the Simple Magic guidelines.

Primal Spell (Spirit)

Summoning magic is handled using the servitor guidelines.

Servitors are explained in the Simple Magic guidelines.