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Knowledge Spells

Divine Spell (Knowledge, Magic)

Create advantage while Carefully Divine vs a Medicore (+0) difficulty to add the spell Aspect Detect Magic to myself. While this Aspect is active I can justify using my Divine capability to notice things that require mystical senses to perceive. I can also invoke the Aspect for a bonus to do so as necessary. This Aspect lasts for a scene or until no invocations remain.

Divine Spell (Knowledge)

Create advantage while Cleverly Divine vs a Good (+3) difficulty to create a spell Aspect on myself called True Seeing for one (1) scene or until all invocations are used. While this Aspect is active I may perceive things that require mystical senses to perceive and I may use Divine instead of Focused to notice things. I may also use my Divine capability to defend against mind-affecting effects and illusions, and to perceive that which is invisible. I may also invoke this Aspect to gain a bonus when attempting any of these things.

Overcoming Spell Aspects is explained in the Simple Magic guidelines.