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Silverfang (-2): Because I have a powerful magical sword named Silverfang, I am able to use its abilities to aid me in my adventures.

Mithral Sword, Undead Bane

Stress [1][2][3]

Mild (2)

Moderate (4)

Undead Bane: Beacause I have special power over the undead, my weilder gains +1 to attack undead opponents.

Halt Undead: Beacause I have special power over the undead, if I get a boost while attacking an undead opponent the boost is upgraded to the spell Aspect HALTED which is attached to the target with one (1) invoke. The target cannot move or attack until the Aspect is removed. It can be overcome by the target while Focused as a Superb (+5) difficulty.

Negative Energy Resistance: Beacause I am enchanted with protective magics, anyone currently holding me gains +2 to defend against attacks and create advantage attempts that rely upon negative energy or necromancy.