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Scrolls are basically spells trapped on paper just waiting to be cast by a knowledgeable user.. Scrolls require at least +1 in an applicable spell casting Archetype to use.

When a character uses this sort of Scroll, they are actually casting the spell using the Simple Magic guidelines. Scrolls generally grant a flat +4 bonus if they require a specific Approach and Archetype combination be used while casting, or a +2 bonus if they only require a Archetype and can be used with any Approach.

However, and this is important, preparing a Scroll for use takes an action. Thus to cast a spell from a Scroll requires an action to get it out and prepare to use it, and an action to use it. Thus the large bonus is factored against the loss of action economy.

A character can declare that they are preparing a Scroll before a conflict starts if they had reason to believe that it would be adviseable to do so and had time to prepare in the scene leading up to the conflict. This indicates that the Scroll is out and opened (or on display) and the character is poised to cast from it.

Arcane (16)
Divine (4)