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Potions are very common and popular magical items allowing people with no magical ability whatsoever to benefit from frequently powerful and useful magical abilities. Potions are a commodity, and also can be vulnerable to breakage and theft. But this does little to detract from their value due to their sheer practicality.

These alchemical items can take many forms ranging from oils, salves, dusts, powders, and other such concoctions. However, liquid intended to be injested is by far the most common form and thus 'potion' is used as a general term.

Potions are essentially magical spells trapped in a concoction of some kind, but unlike Scrolls, Wands, and other similar items they can generally be used by anyone and are thus of much broader utility. Potions typically have a flat pre-set effect and thus offer a dependable but inflexible benefit. The effects of Potions are also typically very easy to dispel.

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