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Norgorber Cult Leader (Socialite)

Charming And Coy: Because I am adept at manipulating social situations to my benefit, I gain +1 when I am Roguish and engage in a social challenge, contest, or conflict.

Poison Master: Because I am a master at using poisons and have built up resistances to many of them over the years, I may use Roguish to justify attack, defend, create advantage, and overcome actions whenever poisons are relevent. Further, I tend to know or can usually find out with little effort where poisons are bought and sold in urban centers.

Unholy Bane Dagger: Because I have a magical dagger 'blessed' with unholy bane, I inflict an extra shift of damage when I use it to successfully attack devout followers of benign deities.

My Minions (-2): Because I have enthralled, cajoled, manipulated, or otherwise gotten my hooks into many people (most of whom are unaware of my true nature), once per scene I may spend a Fate point to gain the aid or assistance of one or more nameless mooks in the scene as they are among my minions. This might be a courtier, some commoners, a couple of guards, or whatever I can narratively justify within the scene.

Slip Away (-2): Because I am excellent at getting away with it and slipping away unseen, if there is a momentary distraction or opportunity I may spend a Fate point to immediately exit the scene by means appropriate to the narrative such as slippling away into a crowd, or through a hidden door to a secret escape hatch I happened to know about, or by using a magic item I happened to have, etc. I cannot be pursued in the current scene.

Sufficient money for any typical need is readily available, expensive and alluring wardrobe, well appointed apartment.

Focusing on temporal power and hidden influence, this cultist of Norgorber is a power broker within a large city. Though not above killing when expedient (usually via poison or by manipulating someone else to do the deed), this cultist prefers to ruin reputations, promulgate scandals, destroy livelihoods, wreck homes, and generally leave victims wishing they were dead...all while amassing further wealth and leverage.