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Norgorber Cult Leader (Sacrificer)

Mask of Disguise (-2): Because I have a powerful magical item that allows me to change my appearance, I may spend a Fate point to cause myself to appear to be someone else for a scene or longer. If I am imitating a specific person, those who are most familiar with that person may notice that my behavior isn't consistent, but will generally be fooled during casual or brief interaction. My magical disguise can be overcome by those with appropriate senses or magic against a Legendary (+8) difficulty.

Sneak Attack: Because I am good at looking unremarkable or going unnoticed altogether only to launch a deadly and treacherous attack on the unwary, I may add +4 when I am Sneakily Roguish and attack by surprise. If I inflict a Mild or Moderate consequence on my opponent with this attack I may spend a Fate point to bump the consequence from Mild to Moderate or from Moderate to Severe.

Murder Gang (-3): Because I have painstakingly gathered to me other disturbed worshipers of Norgorber, at any given time I have a group of murder cultists who are loyal to me and do my bidding.

Summoning Difficulty: +6

Hidden In Plain Sight, Murder Cult Members

Good At: Sneak Attack (+2), Going Unnoticed (+2), Black Murder (+2)

Bad At: Open Dealings (-2), Empathy and Compassion (-2)

Stress [1][2][3]

Mild (2)

Do not treat as a mob.

3 pp, 16 gp, 33 sp, crossbow, throwing knives, short sword, sacrificial dagger, black leathers, scary black cloaks and robes, and normal civilian accoutrements sufficient to pass as an average denizen of the area.