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Heads of the Hydra (-10): Because I am a hydra, I have five (5) heads normally and when one is cut off (takes its Severe Consequence), two more grow back to take its place by the start of my next exchange. The heads are attached to my body and travel with my body, but the heads are on the ends of long sinuous necks and they can act and attack independently within their own range of motion.

Use a separate pristine Pyrohydra Head write-up for each of my heads as they appear. A head destroyed by acid or cold does not regrow. I can have up to ten (10) heads at a time.

Long Necks of the Hydra: Because my body is very large and my heads are at the ends of long sinuous necks my heads are able to interact with and attack targets in zones that are adjacent to the zone my body is currently in.

Snapping Heads of the Hydra: Because I excel at leaping into combat in a startling burst of aggression, I gain +4 on my first attack in a conflict if I act first and can charge, lunge at, or pounce upon an opponent.

Inevitability of the Hydra (-5): Because my healing actually gets better as I lose and regrow heads, I reduce by one (1) all stress inflicted on me by physical and magical attacks per head. Visually I appear to take the damage, but it 'heals' nearly instantly in an impressive and intimidating display of my regenerative prowess. Amputating and cauterizing all or most of my heads is the only reliable way to circumvent this.

For instance, if I currently have five (5) heads I reduce stress from physical and magical attacks by five (5), and if I currently have ten (10) heads I reduce stress from physical and magical attacks by ten (10).

Regeneration of the Hydra (-3): Because my regenerative capabilities are extremely effective, when my stress and Mild consequences get cleared after a conflict, my Moderate consequence also gets cleared and my Severe consequence is downgraded to a Moderate consequence.

Fiery Immunity of the Pyrohydra: Because I am immune to fire, I am unaffected by any malign effect that relies on fire.

Cut Me Off...I Dare Ya, Breath Of Fire

Good At: Biting (+4)

Hits: [1][1][1]

Severe (6)

Hydra heads take damage in an unusual way. Each head takes simple hits like a mook, but also take a Severe Consequence relating to being cut off. To prevent a new head or two from sprouting, an attacker needs to cause the Severe Consequence to have something to do with cauterizing the stump with acid or cold.

Fiery Breath of the Pyrohydra: Because I am able to expel a cone of burning flame from my mouth, I gain +2 to make a special flaming breath attack affecting all targets in my zone without having to split my shifts between them. This attack is non-discriminatory, and often causes collateral damage.

I may invoke my Breath of Fire Aspect to improve this attack; I may use as many invocations as I have available and each invocation adds two (2) shifts to the result of my fire breath attack.

Additionally I gain +2 to create advantage on my own Breath Of Fire Aspect to add invokes to it for use in subsequent exchanges.

Fiery Immunity of the Pyrohydra: Because I am immune to fire, I am unaffected by any malign effect that relies on fire.

Sharp Senses of the Hydra: Because I am unusually alert and perceptive I gain +2 while Focused to notice things.

Vision of the Hydra: Because I have Darkvision I can see perfectly in total darkness.

Pyrohydras inhabit desert or volcanic mountains, and are solitary (hydras reproduce by asexual budding). Hydras typically prefer to devour huge meals all at once and digest them for long periods of time; the average hydra can consume as much as half its weight in a single day, subsequently fasting for nearly a week before needing to eat again.

Hydras have little interest in collecting treasure for the purposes of accumulating wealth; they do, however, dimly understand its usefulness as an attractant for prey, knowing that shiny trinkets and inedible objects are things some creatures prize enough to run heedlessly into danger to acquire them. As a hydra consumes its prey, tearing it limb from limb between several jaws, it uses the teeth of its other heads to pry off items carried or worn, especially those that glitter and shine, and places these sparkling enticements around the fringes of its domain to be discovered by foolish passersby, hopefully emboldening them to explore the hydra'a turf and thus make for easy prey.

Hydras have learned to recognize common humanoid containers such as saddlebags for what they are, and when a hydra devours a set of riders or stumbles upon a deserted carriage, it sends its many heads into the dark nooks and crannies of such vessels in search of hidden baubles and goods, which it may then drag into the light for display. Explorers are often puzzled by the valuables scattered haphazardly on the ground and hung from tree branches near a hydra's lair, still adorning the rotted or skeletal body parts of their former owners.

Large or fragile items are often broken by the indelicate jaws of the hydra, as it lacks hands to handle items carefully, yet as long as the rubble sparkles, the Hydra is content to display it. Drab items are ignored by a Hydra and left where they lie, usually close to the remains of their former owners.