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Goblin Commando

Mounted Commando: Because I am so skilled at fighting while mounted, I gain +2 when I am Quickly Primal and attack from the back of a Goblin Dog.

Goblin Dog (-3): Because I am a Goblin Commando who has earned his place among the tribe, I have a Goblin Dog steed to ride around on.

Summoning Difficulty: +2

Foul Beast, Cruel and Vicious

Good At: Biting and Gnashing (+3), Fighting Real Dogs (+1)

Bad At: Remembering I Have A Rider (-2), Not Shying Away From Flames And Loud Noises (-2)

Hits: [1][1][1][1]  

Up to three (3) Goblin Dogs will form a mob. Add four (4) hit boxes per Goblin Dog. +1 attack and create advantage for each additional Goblin Dog remaining.

These vicious creatures are mean and nasty, particularly when fighting as a pack, but they are afraid of fire and loud noises.

Goblin Dog