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Darkvision: Because I have Darkvision I can see perfectly in total darkness.

Sense Blood: Because I can sense blood I immediately sense the presence of warm-blooded creatures within two (2) zones of me as if by scent. I also gain +2 to notice exposed blood within a mile.

Elusive Target: Because I am so tiny and elusive. I may always use Focused to defend against physical and magical attacks, if I am aware of my attacker. This doesn't work against similar sized opponents or attacks that affect an entire zone.

Fast Flyer: Because I am able to fly very fast, if I do nothing but move while flying I may use this ability to move four zones instead of two.

Blood Siphon (-2): Because I grow stronger by siphoning blood, while I am Carefully Focused I gain +2 to attack a living target within my zone to drain their blood and if I inflict a Consequence instead of gaining a free invoke on the consequence I can choose to gain a fate point which is immediately available to me for use in the current scene. I cannot use this this ability if I currently have three (3) or more fate points.

Parasitic Healing (-2): Because I feed on blood, whenever a living creature in my zone takes stress or a consequence due to injury I heal an equivalent amount of stress or clear an equivalent consequence. However, I can only benefit from this ability once per exchange.

Physically Weak (+2): Because I am physically very weak, I suffer -4 to all 4dF resolutions that involve lifting or moving physical objects or applying physical force.

Vulnerable To Heat and Flames (+1): Because I am vulnerable to heat and flames, I suffer one (1) additional stress from all heat or fire based attacks.