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Reverberation: Because I know many Words of Power, if I am currently able to speak as a non-action I may spend a Fate point to utter a Word and immediately remove from play any one situational Aspect in my zone or an adjacent zone with a difficulty of Legendary (+8) or less to overcome. Though there is no 4dF roll involved, I am considered to be acting in a Flashily Arcane manner when I do this and the reverberations of the Word are very noticeable.

Heed Me!: Because I have spoken so many Words of Power my voice has been forever altered; I may use Arcane for social interactions if I can talk and my target can hear me. I am resisted by Arcane when I do so. This is a form of mind-affecting magic.

Arcane Bolts: Because I have mastered the art of Arcane Bolts, I gain +2 when I am Flashily Arcane and attack with ranged magic.

Arcane Aegis: Because I have mastered protecting myself with magic, I may use Arcane to defend against physical attacks without needing to first create an advantage to invoke.

12 gp, 10 sp, 34 cp, luxurious arcane robes, material components, hidden dagger, letters of credit from the Cathedral of Abadar bank in Magnimar totalling to 500 gp.