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Walk Of The Clouds: Because I have mastered the Walk Of The Clouds, I may defy the normal bonds of the earth to float upon the wind and available contact points as if I weighed no more than a feather. I am never harmed or unduly inconvenienced by falling, even if I am unconscious. However this effect is temporarily cancelled if I am encumbered or anchored by more than half my own body weight.

The Nine Katas Of Aori: Because I have mastered the Nine Katas of Aori, I may use Focused instead of Combatives when I am armed with a tanto, uchigatana, katana, tachi, wakizashi, nagamaki, nōdachi, and similar Tian daggers and swords.

Deflection Of The Flickering Blade: Because I have such sublime skill with the blade, if I am armed with a type of weapon that I have mastered due to The Nine Katas Of Aori, I may defend against ranged attacks and targeted magic by deflecting such attacks with a precise flick of my blade.

Dance Of The Floating Blade: Because I have mastered the art of the blade, once per session when I am Carefully Focused and attack with a type of weapon I have mastered due to The Nine Katas Of Aori, I may affect all enemy targets in my zone without having to split my shifts between them.

Suki comes from very old money in Tian-Min and is the sole remaining member of the main line of the family. She left her homeland suitably well equipped and provisioned, but now a single traveling lockbox held in storage for her at the Temple of Irori in Magnimar, and a line of credit at the Church of Abadar in Magnimar, are all that remain of the materiel she departed with. So, she takes even greater care of her remaining possessions than is her norm.

Suki wears very fine exotic robes and miscellaneous accessories, and weilds a wickedly sharp nōdachi (an extra-long katana, essentially). She also wears a pair of tanto in an x-sheath worn mid-back as a backup.