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Enchanting Beauty: Because I am adept at using subtle enchantments to magically enhance my beauty, I may add my Arcane capability as a bonus to any social interaction where my appearance can be a factor; however this can be resisted by Arcane and is a Mind-Affecting effect.

Potions, Poultices, Poisons: Because I know ancient lores from more primitive times, I am able to brew potions, poultices, and poisons that can harm and heal and work odd and subtle magics on those who imbide them. I can be Cleverly Arcane and make substances that replicate effects that are usually the province of Primal. At any given time I can have a number of substances brewed up and ready for use equal to my Arcane + Primal capability.

At my current level of skill, I can maintain up to four (4) Potions Poultices Poisons at a time.

Note: If a player chooses to play Ruelga, they should select or define up to four (4) potions, poultices, or poisons that Ruelga starts play with. Note that each usage counts against this limit, thus if Ruelga started with a Potion of Healing with three (3) uses, that would count as three of her four concoctions.

Herbal Lore: Because I know the secrets of many plants, when I am Carefully Arcane I may create a potion, poultice, or poison using magics that are normally the domain of Primal, and I may add my Primal capability modifier (if any) as a bonus. Additionally, I can identify mundane poisons, provide simple remedies for headaches and minor mundane illnesses, embellish prepared food, and other such things when my herbal lore is relevant.

Sleep Now My Pretties: Because I have mastered a magical talent from olden times, once per session I can put any number of nameless mooks who lack consequence slots in my zone or an adjacent zone to sleep. I may affect additional contiguous zones by spending a Fate point per additional zone. To do this I must use Carefully Arcane to create the advantage Sleep Now My Pretties against an Average (+1) difficulty. Those affected will sleep artificially deeply, and resist being woken for the remainder of the scene; someone trying to wake a victim must overcome a difficulty equal to Average (+1) plus my margin of success.

Bottomless Satchel: Because I have a magical satchel that is much bigger on the inside than on the outside, I can carry a large amount of supplies as long as each item can fit through the opening of the bag (which is about half a meter across at full expansion). I can Carefully overcome against a Fair (+2) difficulty to retrieve anything I've explicitly put into it; failure just means I have to keep rooting around looking for the item with additional actions. With the GM's permission I can also spend a Fate point to pull out a mundane item that can fit through the opening of the satchel that I haven't explictly put in but 'happen to have'.

Ruelga is hardly ever without funds, as it is easy for her to find a friendly male patron willing to bestow gifts upon her should she feel the need. Currently she has a silken purse containing several small gems worth a tidy sum. She also has sufficient coinage to travel comfortably.

Ruelga wears fine clothes and totes a a short staff. She also has a broad selection of herbal components and various other things packed away in her magical satchel.