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Dirty Infighter: Because I am skilled at dirty tricks fighting and getting inside my opponents' guard to strike at vulnerable areas, I am a surprisingly effective combatant. Though my fighting style remains unconventional and evasive, when armed with daggers, light one handed melee weapons such as short swords, garrottes, saps, makeshift weapons, and similar armaments I can use Roguish to directly engage opponents who are using Combative in armed physical conflicts.

Vicious Attacks: Because I am good at launching deadly and treacherous attacks, I may add +1 when I attack while Roguish. If I inflict a Mild or Moderate consequence on my opponent with this attack I may spend a Fate point to bump the consequence from Mild to Moderate or from Moderate to Severe.

Poison Master: Because I am a master at using poisons and have built up resistances to many of them over the years, I may use Roguish to justify attack, defend, create advantage, and overcome actions whenever poisons are relevent. Further, I tend to know or can usually find out with little effort where poisons are bought and sold in urban centers.

Skulker: Because I am so good at escaping notice, I get +2 while I am Sneakily Roguish and create advantage or overcome challenges to avoid notice.