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Master Sword-magi (-3): Because I have trained as a Sword Magi and can fight using my magic and my blade in tandem, when I am being Focused I may add my Arcane capability to attack and defend with a sword. Further, when I am Arcanely attacking or creating advantage against one or more targets in my own zone I may add my Focused capability if it is appropriate to the narrative.

Shocking Blade: Because I am able to generate a magical paralyzing shock around my weapon, when I would roll 4dF to attack with my weapon I may instead roll 6dF and choose the four (4) best dice for my result. This is an electric attack and I cannot use this Stunt against opponents who are immune to electricity.

Trapfinder: Because I have an almost preternatural knack for noticing and avoiding traps, I am rarely surprised by a trap. I gain +1 on any attempt to notice, defend against, or overcome a trap.

Bracers of Mitigation: Because I wear mildly magical bracers that protect me from harm, I gain +1 to defend against physical and magical attacks while wearing them.

Socially Inept (+1): Because I can't seem to work or play well with others even when I try to do so, I am very difficult to get along with and struggle in social situations. When I would roll 4dF for an action related to social interaction I instead roll 6dF and choose the four (4) worst dice for my result.

To be fair however, Otaro never wanted to be an adventurer and would be much more comfortable lounging around the finer establishments of a large city such as his native Magnimar or more decadent locales such as Korvosa. But unfortunately Otaro was divinely singled out at a young age by Nethys the so-called Uncaring, and is periodically goaded by visions and urges to do the enigmatic god's bidding...despite not being particularly religious or devoted...or even very interested.

Most of the quests Nethys has coerced Otaro into thus far have been unpleasant, no-fun-at-all affairs that have sent the bitter and increasingly nihilistic young man into dank dungeons and lost lairs in which some misplaced artifact, object of power, or magical knick knack resided...typically along with one or more unpleasant critters, treacherous traps, and assorted other hazards.

Otaro travels light, mostly due to having frittered away most of his coin on luxurious comforts whenever possible on the road.

Otaro does have a mildly magical ring that reduces the amount of food and sleep he needs in a given day, and magical bracers that offer some measure of protection against magics. Other than that his only possession of value is a decently pragmatic bastard sword with elongated quillions suitable for gripping...