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Secret Signs: Because I have an unusual mystical talent I sometimes see signs, portents, and sigils that provide me with information about the present or near future that I could not possibly know otherwise. I gain +2 while I am Focused and create advantage when I attempt to discover or notice some detail, fact, Aspect, or truth about the scene, or a person or group in it, even if it would not normally be possible for me to know or detect this information with merely mundane senses.

A'gar'thalion (-2): Because I am the heir to a powerful magical sword of ancient lineage, I weild the blade A'gar'thalion.

Radiant Blade, Aura Of Protection

Good At: Blocking (+2), Cutting (+2)

Bad At: Going Unnoticed (-2)

Stress [1][2][3]

Mild (2)