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En Garde: Because I am extra good at using a weapon defensively to parry and deflect attacks, I gain +2 while being Combative to defend against melee attacks that I am aware of while appropriately armed.

Diviner's Warning: Because my skills with divination magics are very advanced, I can use Arcane instead of Focused to notice things that could harm me and I gain +2 to do so.

Skilled Diviner: Because I am skilled at using divinations to know the unknown, I get +1 when I am Arcane and create advantage or overcome using divination magic.

Skilled Abjurer: Because I am skilled at using abjurations to nullify magic, I get +1 when I am Arcane and defend or overcome using abjuration magic.

Prepared Caster (Arcane)

Because of my studies as a classically trained arcanist, each morning I may 'prepare' a number of 'spells' equal to ((Careful + Clever) * Arcane).

To prepare a spell I roll 4dF against a Mediocre (+0) difficulty, adding a preparation bonus equal to double my Arcane bonus.

I temporarily gain a new personal Aspect corresponding to the spell I prepared with one invoke, and annotated with the margin of success.

Later during the day I may 'cast' a prepared spell by invoking its Aspect as an action and resolving the spell using the previously rolled margin of success.

Using Spell Write-ups

If I am preparing a spell from a write-up that indicates an Approach be combined with Arcane to cast the spell, with language such as 'while Cleverly Arcane', I ignore the requirement and use my prepared bonus instead.

If I am preparing a spell from a write-up that states a particular difficulty level, with language such as 'vs a Good (+3) difficulty)', the previously rolled margin of success is applied against the stated difficulty when I 'cast' it; any remaining shifts can be allocated per the simple magic guidelines.

It is possible for a spell resolution to fail if the margin of success is insufficient to the difficulty or if I am opposed successfully. I can spend a Fate point at this time to add +2 shifts to the margin of success.

Unfortunately due to my focus on prepared casting, I cannot free cast anything other than simple arcane spells known as cantrips.

At my current level of arcane skill, I can prepare nine (9) spells per day, and I gain a +6 preparation bonus when I do so.

Note: If a player chooses to play Javina, they should select eighteen (18) or so spells for Javina's spell book. She focuses on divination and abjuration magic, but can have other kinds of spells such as evocation or illusion; however she will not cast necromancy spells.

Jovina is a thorough planner by nature, and likes to account for as many possibilities as she reasonably can. If there is one thing her studies in divination have taught her it is that the future is never certain, and even if some inkling of what might transpire has been revealed it is wise to be prepared for the unexpected. Thus, she is very well equipped and provisioned.

Unusually for most wizards, Jovina carries a sword and knows how to use it. Her defensive technique is far more developed than her offense; her overprotective father from whom she learned the blade was more interested in teaching his precious daughter how to stay alive than how to kill.

She also carries various wizardly accoutrements, and a fancy staff that has sufficient heft to serve as a good whacking stick when need be.