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Indomitable: Because I refuse to give in and I always vigorously protect myself, I get +1 when I am Forceful and defend if I am aware that I am in danger.

Furious Assault: Because I excel at leaping into combat in a startling burst of aggression, I gain +4 on my first attack in a conflict if I act first and can charge, lunge at, or pounce upon an opponent.

Forbidding Presence: Because I present a very intimidating and stern visage while emanating a frightenting aura, I gain +1 when being Flashy and attempting to frighten or demoralize.

Magical Armor Of Thorns: Because I wear mildly magical armor bearing various spikes and sharp edges I gain +1 when Combative to defend against physical attackers using their bare hands or natural weapons, and if I defend with style I may use the boost to inflict a single point of stress on my attacker immediately as a free action. Additionally I may justify using Combatives even when unarmed as I can use the armor's spikes and edges as lethal weapons; attempts to disarm me of this 'weapon' must overcome an Astonishing (+9) challenge.

Hessia has never really gotten her feet under herself financially and is always a couple of weeks away from being penniless, forcing her to go from job to job as a mercenary or to seek her fortunes as an adventurer. Currently she has 12 gp, 24 sp, and 9 cp to her name.

However she is very well equipped in the tools of her trade, sporting a magical suit of spikey plate armor she bought several years ago after trading in her Grey Maiden gear and putting down a lump sum of coinage acquired from her first big score as an adventurer. She also carries a cruel looking blackened blade of excellent craftsmanship she gained in another quest; she has been told that it has a faint aura of necromancy by a former associate, but has yet to notice it doing anything special.

She also has a trail pack with rope and pitons, some powdered chalk, possibly most of a lockpicking kit stashed in various seams and crannies that a former adventuring companion and 'special friend' taught her the basics of how to use, a couple of blankets, and so forth. She also owns her own light saddle with reinforced stirrups to bear her armored mass which she lugs around whether she currently has a mount to put it on or not; it seems to have some sentimental value to her.