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Careful Crossbowman: Because I am skilled with a crossbow, I gain +2 when I am Carefully Roguish and attack with a crossbow.

Of Course I Brought Rope!: Because I am a seasoned adventurer and dungeoneer, I gain +2 when I am Clever and create advantage or overcome when a item of common adventurer gear that I have proves to be useful.

Ambush Dwarf!: Because I am great at setting up ambushes, I gain +1 when I Sneakily set up an ambush or create a related advantage.

Trapsetter: Because I am skilled at setting traps, as a non-action I can spend a Fate point to create the situational Aspect Trapped! on my zone or up to three (3) zones away with two (2) invokes. The Aspect represents a trap I happened to have set up while no one was looking, or a clever exploitation of the ambient scenery. My traps can take many forms, limited only to things I can narratively justify. I can invoke the Aspect to hinder someone in the affected zone or to help myself or an ally acting against someone in the affected zone. The difficulty for others to notice my trap before the first time it is invoked or to overcome it is equal to my (Clever + Sneaky + Primal) traits if in a wildlands area, otherwise it is equal to my (Clever + Sneaky + Roguish) traits.

Garak has 23 gp, 75 sp, and 100 cp. He has a short sword, but his real primary weapon is his exquisitely crafted crossbow. He keeps a well stocked quiver of bolts, a couple of concealed daggers, and is festoned with lots of useful and practical trail gear