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Divine Judgment: Because I am empowered by my deity to pronounce judgments upon others, I gain +1 while Divine to create advantage to put a spell Aspect on an opponent in my zone or an adjacent zone. Only I can invoke this Aspect, and I may invoke it to improve my rolls against the opponent or to impose a -2 penalty on rolls made by the opponent. This ability uses the simple magic guidelines for create advantage and overcome. I may not use this ability if I have recently done something unworthy of my faith.

Creating Advantage with magic is explained in the Simple Magic guidelines.

Overcoming Spell Aspects is explained in the Simple Magic guidelines.

Fervent Prayer: Because my faith is strong, I am sometimes especially blessed by my god. I may spend a Fate point to gain +2 Divine on one (1) action and pray for blessings appropriate to that level of Divine capability. I may not use this ability if I have recently done something unworthy of my faith.

Dervish: Because I am skilled at a particularly atheletic and acrobatic fighting style involving a lot of spinning and lateral movement, I may add Roguish as a bonus when I am Combative and fight in this way.

Sense Deceit: Because I am so skilled at sensing people's true motives, I gain +2 when I am Cleverly Roguish and attempt to discern if I am being deceived or tricked.

Friendly Diplomacy: Because I am charmingly friendly to almost everyone and am good at making friends and calming situations down, I gain +2 whenever I attempt to avoid or end a conflict via non-violence, keep the peace, or improve the 'mood of the room'.

Ephraim has traveled far and wide, and carries various knick knacks and curiosities garnered from diverse corners of the world, as well as more practical trail gear. A generous man, Ephraim often offers some trinket or other as a gift for a newly met stranger or a host, which he has long found to be effective in easing his way through the world. Make a friend today, that's often one fewer enemy you might face tomorrow.

Ephraim carries very little in the way of actual coinage or things of obvious intrinsic value like gems and jewelry as such lucre tends to draw the wrong kind of attention when traveling long roads and new streets. Instead, Ephraim is skilled at barter, and can usually trade one or more of his curios or reach some kind of an accommodation to get what he needs.