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Veteran Of Many Wars (-2): Because I have engaged in so much combat, I gain +1 when I am Combative and attack.

Dwarven Resilience: Because I am attuned to my Dwarven nature, once per session if I would take a Consequence I may instead spend a Fate point to avoid it. When I do this I also get a free invoke on my Dwarf Race Aspect.

Armorine: Because I am trained as a Dwarven Armorine, if I get a boost when I am Carefully Combative while attacking I may use it to create the situational Aspect Defensive Posture on myself with two (2) invokes.

Retribution: Because my retribution is terrible when I succesfully attack an opponent who has inflicted stress or consequences upon me in the current conflict I inflict +1 shift more damage and this damage cannot be reduced.

Runic Armor Of Resilience: Because I have a suit of Runic Armor Of Resilience, while wearing it when opponents inflict a damage-related consequence on me they do not get a free invoke on it and I gain a boost called Armored Resilience.

Runic Sword Of Striking: Because I have a Runic weapon bearing the Rune Of Striking, if I succeed with style when attacking with it I inflict +2 shifts of damage.

Dwyth has accumulated a large fortune, most of which he keeps at the Temple of Abadar in Magnimar, but he also has several tidy caches hidden or banked in various places. He's determined to never be poor again and guards his wealth more tightly than the blood in his veins. He carries enough coin to (frugally) pay his way, and obsessively stashes away the rest whenever he accumulates any surplus.

Dwyth is armed with a frightening runic sword and wears heavy runic armor he acquired on one of his adventures, but he still keeps his trusty old Dwarven battle ax as a nostalgic backup. Kitted out in his regalia he is quite the imposing image of Dwarven martial virtues.