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I Can Pick Any Lock, Pocket, Or Number!: Because I am a thief without peer, I gain +2 to overcome when I am Quickly Roguish and attempt to pick a lock or a pocket, or to beat a combination or other form of complex lock.

Traps Don't Slow Me Down!: Because I have preternaturally sharp senses and fast reflexes, I gain +1 when I am Quickly Roguish and attempt to notice, overcome, or defend against a trap.

Fast Attack!: Because I am shockingly fast, I gain +1 when I am Quickly Roguish and attack. If I inflict a consequence on my target I get an extra free invoke on it.

Cut And Run!: Because I am excellent at getting away with it, if I am in a conflict and do nothing in an exchange except move away from danger, I may move two extra zones and I am unobstructed by urban detritus and crowds. If I am in a contest involving me running away or avoiding capture, I gain +2 to overcome while I am Quickly Roguish. This ability only works in urban areas.

Draxton never carries more than 2 gp in loose coins, but also always seems to be able to get his hands on some money when he really needs it.

Draxton's prize possession is a very sharp and functional long dagger. When it needs to not be seen Draxton somehow tucks the dagger away, but no one ever seems to see him draw or sheath it. He also has several smaller blades...none fancy but all quite sharp. Despite the fact that he can steal whatever he wants, within reason, Draxton prefers to wear tattered street clothes that have seen better days. Finally, he always seems to be able to materialize lock picks and various tools of the dodgy trade as necessary to "do a little bizniss".