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True Seeing: Because my patron diety grants me awareness, my powers of observation are divinely enhanced; I may use Divine instead of Focused to notice or perceive things, and I can sense things that require mystical awareness to detect.

Rogue's Reflexes: Because I have great reflexes and am able to evade harm better than most people, I may use Roguish to defend against any kind of indirect or surprise attack and to avoid harm by getting out of the way of it. Narratively this can take many forms, such as rolling out of the way, ducking behind cover, 'seeing it coming' and somehow interupting the attack, or by some other means justified by the narrative.

Manhunter: Because I am skilled at tracking a quary, I can use Roguish instead of Primal when tracking a sentient humanoid in any environment, and I gain +1 when I Roguishly overcome challenges when doing so in an urban environment.

Double Shot: Because I am skilled at rapidly shooting twice as fast as normal, I gain +1 when I am Quick and attack with any kind of bow or a reapeating crossbow or two crossbows against a target within my zone or an adjacent zone and if I hit I may make a second identical attack against the same target using the rolled result of the first attack rather than rolling to attack again. The target gets to defend against the second attack as normal.

Dirty Infighter: Because I am skilled at dirty tricks fighting and getting inside my opponents' guard to strike at vulnerable areas, I am a surprisingly effective combatant. Though my fighting style remains unconventional and evasive, when armed with daggers, light one handed melee weapons such as short swords, garrottes, saps, makeshift weapons, and similar armaments I can use Roguish to directly engage opponents who are using Combative in armed physical conflicts.

Doritha is well equipped with high quality medium plate armor, and a perfectly balanced sword. But Doritha's prize possession is an expertly crafted repeating hand crossbow with a spring loaded chamber that can contain three bolts in addition to the one knocked; using this weapon she is often able to feather a foe with two bolts at once.

As a favored servant of the richest religion in the world, Doritha never wants for sufficient funds to conduct her missions in service to Abadar so long as the amounts she requests are reasonable and necessary to her duties.