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Wheeler Dealer: Because I excel at talking my way into and out of situations and making deals, I gain +2 while Cleverly Roguish in social situations.

Prepared Caster (Arcane)

Because of my studies as a classically trained arcanist, each morning I may 'prepare' a number of 'spells' equal to ((Careful + Clever) * Arcane).

To prepare a spell I roll 4dF against a Mediocre (+0) difficulty, adding a preparation bonus equal to double my Arcane bonus.

I temporarily gain a new personal Aspect corresponding to the spell I prepared with one invoke, and annotated with the margin of success.

Later during the day I may 'cast' a prepared spell by invoking its Aspect as an action and resolving the spell using the previously rolled margin of success.

Using Spell Write-ups

If I am preparing a spell from a write-up that indicates an Approach be combined with Arcane to cast the spell, with language such as 'while Cleverly Arcane', I ignore the requirement and use my prepared bonus instead.

If I am preparing a spell from a write-up that states a particular difficulty level, with language such as 'vs a Good (+3) difficulty)', the previously rolled margin of success is applied against the stated difficulty when I 'cast' it; any remaining shifts can be allocated per the simple magic guidelines.

It is possible for a spell resolution to fail if the margin of success is insufficient to the difficulty or if I am opposed successfully. I can spend a Fate point at this time to add +2 shifts to the margin of success.

Unfortunately due to my focus on prepared casting, I cannot free cast anything other than simple arcane spells known as cantrips.

At my current level of arcane skill, I can prepare six (6) spells per day, and I gain a +4 preparation bonus when I do so.

Note: If a player chooses to play Domidar, they should select twelve (12) or so spells for Domidar's spell book.

Staff of the Crafty Raven: Because I weild a Staff of the Crafty Raven, I may call upon its powerful magics to aid me in my adventures. See the Staff of the Crafty Raven write up for details. The staff can be disarmed or temporarily taken from me and I am unable to use its abilities until I get it back.

Elegant But Harmless Looking, Faintly Magical (Abjuration, Transmutation, Illusion)

Crafty Competence: While I am being Clever, Roguish, or Arcane when I spend a Fate point to reroll a 4dF resolution I may instead proceed as if I had rolled +1 on the reroll.

Uncanny Avoidance: Once per session if I would take a consequence I may instead draw upon the magic of the staff to avoid the consequence. To observers it appears as if I am invulnerable or unaffected, whichever better fits the narrative.