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Aeromancer: Because I have mastered the ancient magics of the Element of Air, I may combine my Arcane and Primal Archetypes when I am casting spells or defending against spells related to air, wind, lighting, weather, and so forth.

This stunt requires Primal +1 or better to use.

Lightning Master: Because I have mastered the manipulation of lightning, I gain +2 while I am Flashily Primal and attack using lightning effects.

Lightning Arc: Because of my elemental affinity I am able to project an arc of electricity that jumps from target to target, when I am Flashily Primal and attack I may spend a Fate point to affect all enemy targets in my zone without having to split my shifts between them.

Windrider: Because I have mastered the art of riding the winds, I can spend a Fate point to fly for the duration of a scene and potentially longer. While flying I may move 1 additional zone per exchange and I ignore any ground based obstacles I can fly over. However, while I am flying in this fashion I must move at least 1 zone each exchange and I can't go backwards. If I can't move forward (in approx a 120 degree arc) I must land, ending the effect.

Camren cares nothing for money. Nevertheless, he knows that it is nearly impossible to travel and survive among the soft "civilized" lands without it. Thus he tries to remember to loot any loose change off of bandits and the like who make the mistake of waylaying him. He currently has 5 gp, 42 sp, and 81 cp in mixed coinage; he has only a vague idea how much or little that is relatively. Camren wears very light armor and sturdy boots, and carries a travel kit.