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Born Of Flame and Darkness: Because I have fiendish lineage, when I am Flashily Focused I am able to project searing flames from my body as an attack at targets within my zone or in an adjacent zone; these attacks are considered to be Arcane. Additionally I can justify create advantage, overcome, and defend actions when fire, heat, darkness, or demons are involved.

Fueled By Suffering: Because I channel my pain and suffering and become more dangerous when I am in danger, when I take stress or consequences from attacks I gain a Boost called Fueled By Suffering.

Abyssal Darkness: Because I have fiendish lineage, once per session as an action I have the ability to add the situational Aspect Abyssal Darkness to my zone or an adjacent zone. When I activate this ability I can choose to spread it to cover additional contiguous zones at the cost of one (1) Fate point per additional zone. This effect provides active Superb (+5) defense against notice attempts and targeted abilites. This Aspect lasts for an entire scene, though it can be overcome and removed by a character with Arcane, Divine, or Primal of +3 or higher opposed by a Legendary (+8) difficulty. I am unaffected by this Aspect.