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Very Strong: Because I am so strong, I get +2 while I am Forcefully Focused and create advantage or overcome when my great strength is a factor.

Damage Reduction: Because I am more durable than normal, I reduce by one (1) all stress inflicted on me by physical and magical attacks.

Elf-Bane: Because I hate Elves more than anything in the whole wide world, when I succesfully attack an Elf or Half-Elf I inflict +1 shift more damage.

Elf-Bane Arrows: Because I possess a clutch of Elf-Bane Arrows, I am especially lethal against Elves and Half-Elves when I use them.

Faintly Magical (Necromancy, Transmutation), Fell-looking

Benefit: +2 to attacking a target of the chosen type (+2), Range: four (4) zones

Uses: [1]

A Bane Arrow can only be destroyed by magic, but can be removed from use. Each shot expends a usage box, but each arrow can be recovered and thus restore a usage.

Potion In A Flask, Faintly Magical (Healing)

Benefit: A character may drink the potion as an action to 'cast' the spell Heal on themselves. Treat this as if the overcome attempt succeeded with four (4) shifts of effect.

Uses: [1]

Each usage box indicates a seperate use or application and each use expends a usage box; when there are none left the item is expended.

Divine Spell (Healing)

While Carefully Divine I may attempt to clear a specific stress box or consequence by overcoming a difficulty equal to the numerical value of the stress box or Consequence.

4 pp, 4 magical Elf-Bane Arrows, 1 potion of Cure Moderate Wounds, heavy flail, studded leather, very nice composite longbow